New Secret revealed about Virat Kohli by MSK Prasad

Virat Kohli

We all have witnessed the development and rise of technologies in the cricket field. Technologies are just improving with each passing day. Improved technology has revolutionized the modern-day game. We are now witnessing the use of various instruments for various purposes on the cricket field. Infrared cameras, ball tracking, hawkeye and replays in various angles or bat speed have further improved cricket and reduced the errors to a minimal extent. “Virat Kohli runs 17 km during a good knock,” – MSK Prasad

Moreover, there are various ways to keep track of the players. There is every possible way to keep track of every inch in the modern-day game. Everything is under watch, starting from the distance players run on the field during a game to a training session or their workload. GPS records and tracks the amount of work the players go through on the field.

“Virat Kohli runs 17 km during a good knock,” – MSK Prasad

Virat Kohli

The former chief selector of BCCI, MSK Prasad has recently finished his term as the chief selector. He revealed that any player who is under the BCCI contract falls under the GPS tracking system. MSK Prasad recently admitted that the Indian Captain Virat Kohli runs around 17km during a good knock on the cricket pitch. He also praised the former India trainer Shankar Basu.

“It applies to all those in the BCCI contract system. Even practice schedules suggest their workload. For instance, Kohli runs 17 km during a good knock in the middle. All foreign teams are also doing the same. Physios monitor the workload. I must say, Shankar Basu, who introduced this, was a phenomenal trainer,” MSK Prasad said in an exclusive interview with the Sportstar.

The Indian Captain follows a strict diet and routine. He gives strict care for fitness. Kohli has earlier admitted that fitness plays a very important part in his run-scoring. The Indian Skipper relies on quick doubles and singles during building his innings and this sets him apart from other batsmen. The quick singles and doubles reduce the risk that comes with big shots. Hence, Kohli can play big innings frequently and is consistent with his run-scoring.


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