Tuesday, April 20, 2021

MS Dhoni of 2021 interacts with Dhoni of 2005 in a unique video

Gulf Oil Of India has posted an interesting commercial on their Youtube Channel where we can see MS Dhoni of 2021 interacting with MS Dhoni of 2005.

Team India’s historic ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 win completed 10 years yesterday. On the 10th anniversary, an emotional video of MS Dhoni has hogged the headlines on the internet. The video is an advertisement made by Gulf Oil. MS Dhoni has been closely associated with the company.

Dhoni has featured in many commercials by the company. However, the recent commercial has attracted the most attention. The commercial showcases an interaction between the MS Dhoni of 2005 and the MS Dhoni of 2021. The company has showcased a unique concept through this video.

We can see Mahi playing a double role in this video. On one side we can see, the former Indian captain with the popular long hair back in 2005. On the other side, the former Indian captain is sporting his current look.

During the interaction, we can see the current 2021 Mahi heap praise on the young Dhoni from 2005. The man from Ranchi made his international debut back in 2004. He had an exceptional debut season in international cricket.

The former Indian captain mentions his knock against Pakistan in the video

The former Indian captain mentions his knock against Pakistan in the video

MSD played a majestic inning of 148 runs against Pakistan in only his fifth ODI in 2005. In the latter half of the year, he registered his highest score in ODI cricket (the 183 Not Out against Sri Lanka) while batting at the number 3 position.

There is a small instance in the video where we can see the Dhoni of 2021 mentioning his knock against Pakistan at number 3. He even tells his younger version of 2005 that there will be moments in the future where he might have to bat lower down the order to handle the pressure and the responsibilities.

MS Dhoni arrived at the international cricket and started batting in the top order. In the initial days, he batted with aggression right from the start and all his centuries came while batting in the top order. 

However, as years passed by and he became captain of the Indian team, he started batting down the order and adapted to the role of a finisher in the team.

Dhoni mentions his World Cup 2011 final knock as his favourite

MS Dhoni of 2021 interacts with Dhoni of 2005 in a unique video

During the conversation, the younger version of MS Dhoni asks the Dhoni of 2021 to reveal his favorite knock. The elder Dhoni answered that the knock he played in the World Cup finals is his favorite knock.

He stated that it was an amazing experience for him to hit a six and win the World Cup. After this, the younger MSD realized that he will be going to win the World Cup for India at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in 2011.

“It has to be the World Cup finals. To hit that six and finish off the match was an outstanding experience”, said the Dhoni of 2021 in the video.

Gulf Oil Of India uploaded the video on their Youtube Channel. The video ended with the message to convey MS Dhoni’s consistency in his 15 years of an international career. MSD will be leading the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in IPL 2021 in a few days.


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