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Mourinho says Ferguson would agree with him on United drawback


Jose Mourinho feels Ole doesn’t really understand the importance of winning trophies.

Since Ole Gunner Solskjaer has joined United as a manager things have really changed for the better. There is optimism in the club and it feels as if he is building towards something special.

However, this season will be the trial by fire for Ole Gunner Solskjaer and Manchester United. He has been given time, funds, and some really great signings to reinforce the United’s ranks.

Previously the manager has spoken about how the team’s progress is more important than winning titles. He spoke about it being an “Ego” thing for some managers. Ole believes that if the team keeps developing they will eventually win trophies too.

‘But we need to see progress and if we perform well enough the trophies will end up at the club again. It’s not like a trophy will say that we’re back, no. This is just a small part of the Norwegian controversial statement.

Jose Mourinho disagrees with Ole Gunner Solskjaer on how important trophies are for a club.
Jose Mourinho disagrees with Ole Gunner Solskjaer on how important trophies are for a club.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho has openly shown his disagreement with Ole Gunner Solskjaer’s opinions and he believes Sir Alex would certainly agree with him on this one.

Sir Alex in his time is known for all the glory he has brought to the club. One thing he always stressed is winning titles for the club. It is the final objective for a club of United’s stature.

Ole Solskjaer needs to end the trophy drought for Manchester United

Mourinho believes Sir Alex would definitely agree with him on this one.
Mourinho believes Sir Alex would definitely agree with him on this one.

It is all well and good that United’s taking visible leaps forward, but along with that there is a need for substantial results too. If they wail to win the Europa League this season United won’t have much to show for their progress.

Jose shares the same opinion. This was the Portuguese’s statement as per the Metro. I respect what Solskjaer thinks. ‘I think differently. Freedom of thinking, freedom of ideas. If that’s the way he thinks, that’s fine for me.

It’s not a problem for me. It’s not being disrespectful for everyone. ‘But I believe that, I repeat, his big boss Sir Alex, the biggest of Premier League history, has a different view in relation to that.’

Surely Ole Gunner Solskjaer knows the importance of trophies since he himself has been in a Manchester United team under Sir Alex. Whatever may be his comments the manager knows there will be no excuses this time out.

The only trophy Manchester United can now win is the UEFA Europa League. United has a good advantage and should comfortably head to the next round. They are the favorites to win the competition.

Roma, Villarreal, Arsenal, and Ajax are some of the clubs who are right up there with United. Ole’s team lost out on two semi-finals last season. If history were to repeat itself, there would be serious questions on Ole’s credibility as a manager for Manchester United.


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