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Mo Salah engages in hilarious Instagram banter with mate Lovren

Boxing Day almost threatened to spoil the enduring friendship between the Reds duo, who have struck up a close friendship off the pitch.

It is nothing new for football bromances to make headlines, for these players travel the world with each other and share a lot on and off the field. Salah and Lovren are just another example of this, though Fabinho made a fist of trying to threaten this friendship.

Salah joined Liverpool from Roma in June 2017, and has been close to his teammate from Croatia ever since, but for a brief time, there appeared to be trouble in paradise during Wednesday’s thumping 4-0 over Newcastle.

Salah had put up a picture on social media of himself celebrating with Fabinho after the latter’s first goal for the club, but in the background, a visibly unhappy Lovren could be seen casting an ice-cold stare towards his teammates.

Lovren’s humorous look was so disdainful that the Egyptian had to jokingly apologise to his pal, putting up a disclaimer stating that Fabinho and him were just celebrating after his debut goal for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

“@dejanlovren06 really, we were just being friendly” wrote Salah, before also posting a number of pictures zooming in on Lovren’s unimpressed expression.

Liverpool fans online did not miss a chance to jump in on the joke, lapping up the tongue-in-cheek comment from last season’s 44-goal superstar. And luckily, Lovren seems to have forgiven his close mate, putting up a post of his own which said,. “Its ok bro I forgive you @mosalah”.

That’s a big sigh of relief for fans of Liverpool’s biggest bromance. Lovren had even spoken about his close relationship with Salah last month, saying: “From day one, we felt this connection. “We have been talking a lot, we were talking about private things and we have a similar background, a tough life from the beginning.

It wasn’t easy to grow up where he was in Egypt without anything, and I had a similar thing in Croatia with the war and going back to Germany. And then with his normality, how he can talk to you and when you see how he thinks… we are good friends, coffee, jokes!”

Authors take

It’s always nice to see some friendly banter between teammates, especially involving someone as universally loved as Salah. The fact that fans could jump into this exchange with humorous and witty responses of their own must have been a treat for them as well. Just hoes to show the mood surrounding Anfield and its players, and a good story all around.

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