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Michael Clarke opens up on Virat Kohli’s argument with the onfield umpires during the 2nd T20I


Virat Kohli was seen involved in a heated argument with the onfield umpires during the 2nd T20I and that has invited comments from different personalities of the cricketing world.

Rain emerged victorious in the second T20I held between India and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket ground as it completely washed out the match without any result. Although all the fans who had come out to support their team in huge numbers were utterly disappointed by the spoilsport played by the rain, an interesting onfield incident captivated everyone’s attention.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli was seen involved in a heated argument with the onfield umpires during the 19th over when the downpour had just begun. The umpires officiating the match,Gerard Abood and Simon Fry (both from Australia) didn’t make any signal to halt the proceedings which was a shocking scene altogether.

Rain started pelting down harder and harder but the onfield umpires were all come prepared to finish off the innings at all costs. There were no questions from the players of either side but Virat Kohli is not one of those who stays silent on important occasions.

He was highly angry and frustrated on seeing such an attitude as it will be difficult for the fielding side to get hold of the ball, slip down and get injured , plus the pitch would become unfit for batting in the second innings if it got wet. Sensing the play to be unsafe, he walked up to the onfield umpires and was seen asking them to stop the proceedings but they were firm in their decision.

However, the match was brought to a halt after the completion of that over. Australia had managed to put up 132 for the loss of 7 wickets in 19 overs by then. While all the players were seen running into the pavillion, Virat was again seen storming into the ground to further the argument with the umpires.

Two former cricketers, Robin Uthappa and Michael Clarke were seen commentating at that moment in the extra innings show. Both of them backed Kohli for such an attitude. Former Australian skipper, Michael Clarke opened up on Virat’s onfield incident and didn’t blame him at all. He believed it was the right thing for a skipper to do as safety is always the first priority.

“I don’t blame Virat here at all.”

Several other players from the Indian and Australian sides also backed Virat for the argument as it was in no way violating the rules but demanding a clarification for such a careless action.


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