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Messi to decide forward transfer to Barcelona

Lionel Messi is going to play a major role in deciding if the France center-forward will play for Barcelona. After the transfer of Neymar to PSG, Barcelona is looking for the suitable replacement for him to again play three up-front.

Barcelona is a huge favourite to land Antoine Griezmann this summer and is leading the race to sign the star forward for quite a long time. Catalonia-based club would have no problem in meeting the buy-out clause of Griezmann.

The 27-year old French international has hard decision to make as to switch to Camp nou and play as Neymar, three up-front. Griezmann shows his class scoring the 2 goals for Atletico Madrid in Europa League final to hand over the trophy to his team.

Former Barcelona player Mendieta thinks Griezmann will fit in the Barcelona line-up with Barcelona playing three up-front.

“It’s difficult to say something from outside. As you have said Barcelona seem to [want to] sign him but Atletico Madrid want him to stay,” Mendieta said.

“He seems to be in the middle and he doesn’t know where to go.

“I think it’s difficult to make those decisions when such a big team as La-Liga champions want you and Atletico Madrid too. It’s something like to be there at the right time and go.

“He will fit Barcelona for sure because he will play as Neymar did and Barcelona could play with three up front.

Antoine Griezmann is a top-class player and with him, Barcelona can once again become the biggest attacking threat as with Neymar and destroy any defence with ease.

“It will be a great team. Atletico Madrid could have a great loss with Griezmann leaving. Atletico Madrid is the team who most could lose with this transfer because at the end it’s a personal decision. He has to value everything, either he wants to change the life or stay at Atletico Madrid.

“It’s obvious he will be more important playing for Atletico Madrid than Camp nou. If he played for Barcelona he would have to be on the bench resting some matches because there are high-level players.

“Playing for Atletico Madrid would be better for him because his team-mates are looking for him constantly if he goes to Barcelona, players look first for [Lionel] Messi.

“We have already seen other players signing for Barcelona and reaching another results and figures than they were used to on other teams because there is a really top level player making the difference as Lionel Messi is, even he is not selfish but it’s something you have to understand.”

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Antoine Griezmann is one of the biggest players in the footballing world right now and is going to improve more with the time. Still 27, he has established himself as one of the top players.

With age factor by his side, Barcelona can improve his potential more and make him deadlier than before and hone his skills to be better and sharper with time. Griezmann will be the great signing for Camp nou and both the player and the team will be benefited with the deal.


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