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Mathieu Flamini’ position over the group bid takeover of Arsenal


The former Arsenal midfielder, Mathieu Flamini has been heavily linked in the current spectacle regarding the takeover of Arsenal. After Spotify founder Daniel Ek showed his interest in buying the club along with 3 of the club legends, the fans are left bewildered given his net worth. Because of which they are hoping that Mathieu is involved who is said to have net worths in billions.

The French midfielder retired from football a year ago. However, he had an interesting 20 years while he was active. He joined Marseille academy in 2001 and continued there for a couple of years. Flamini made his professional debut for the club in 2003. After playing a half of a season, he moved to Arsenal which was also a controversial one.

After signing a long-term contract with the English club, he was soon handed his debut. He spent 4 years there which included many highs and lows. Flamini was linked with an exit 2 years after joining as he was not happy with the role he was getting. However, he decided to stay and left in 2008, following an injury.

He then joined another big club, AC Milan following the exit. But he had a disappointing duration there. He spent 5 years with Milan, a year more than Arsenal, but made appearances much less than what he did earlier. He was looked upon as a utility player only but the squad getting injured finally let him play full-time. Usually a defensive midfielder, he was told to cover the right-back position, which he soon left after pointing his discomfort.

Mathieu Flamini played for Arsenal for 7 years

In 2013 he returned back to Arsenal as a free agent. He added 3 more years there and joined Crystal Palace in the same way. After a short stay there, he ended his career at Getafe.

Is Mathieu Flamini involved in the Arsenal takeover?

During his playing career, Mathieu Flamini was involved in a huge business that is now worth billions. In 2008, he had co-founder GF Chemicals along with Pasquale Granata. It was the only company that mass-produced levulinic acid and is currently the leading global producer of that compound.

The company’s main objective was to find suitable alternatives to oil-based products. The company was rewarded with awards for their involvement in eco-friendy production. In 2015, Flamini was named in the Player of the Year list by NME.

As he is involved in a valuable business, his net value is also equally high. According to reports, Flamini is worth £30 billion, because of which Arsenal fans are raising their expectations, hoping that the ex-Arsenal player is also involved in the takeover.

The takeover talks started after Arsenal were involved in the European Super League along with 11 other clubs. With the revolt from the fans, that plan collapsed after 48 hours as the Premier League club led the departure from the competition. They even issued an apology. However, the fans are still enraged with their respective clubs.

Nothing less than the owners leaving the clubs will please the fans. And the current situation is high with Arsenal. Stan and Josh Kroenke still think that they are fit to lead the club forward and have no intention of selling.

However, Spotify’s owner, Daniel Ek’s statement has contradicted it. He has shown interest in buying the club along with Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira’s assistance. Ek is also said to place an official bid in the coming days.

However, his net worth of £3.4 billion is less compared to the club’s valuation. Fans were hoping for Flamini to be involved, but ESPN has confirmed that he is not part of the group.


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