Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Manchester United to fight racism with the ‘See Red’ initiative

Racism against footballer have become a usual thing nowadays. Many players from all around the world face racial discrimination and abuse. Many clubs and football leagues have raised awareness against such matters. And also have made many countermeasures to stop racial abuses.

However, players face discrimination through various fronts even now. But Manchester United have had enough of it. The Red Devils have come up with a new initiative – ‘See Red’. This is an initiative to fight against discrimination and racism.

United is aiming to build ‘See Red’ along with the ‘All Red All Equal’ programme. This initiative will allow anyone to report any kind of racial comments they see online. Fans can report to and help fight against discrimination. We are seeing many online comments and post that target players racially.

United are not centering this only as a club-oriented programme. But as a united front against the rising racial issues. United are urging all the fans to report any racial incidents they come across. They also want supporters of other clubs to take on the initiative. This may not eradicate the issue completely but will help to raise awareness towards the issue.

Manchester United take action on racism

Various fights against racism

Manchester United are not the only one to take a stand against racism. And racism is not an issue seen only in football either. Many movements have been taking place for a while now to fight against the issue. We saw NFL star Colin Kaepernick take a knee back in June during the US national anthem to oppose police brutality.

Premier League also came up with the ‘No Roon for Racism’ campaign. And we saw players take a knee prior to the kickoff of games. However many clubs and individual players have stopped taking a knee lately. The reason is that the credibility of the symbol was lost.

Bournemouth, Brentford, and QPR are among clubs that don’t take a knee anymore. The clubs explain that this symbol no longer have a meaning as no real action. We also saw Crystal Palace forward Wilfred Zaha become the first player to stop taking a knee.

Until and unless any solid action is made, simply taking a knee does no good. The football leagues and higher authorities need to raise proper awareness among people to stop racism. This is not a silly matter that we can avoid. But a social hazard that needs to see an end soon.

Players and clubs take a stand

Many players have also been taking action against racism in their own ways lately. We saw former Arsenal and Barcelona striker Thierry Henry quit from social media. Henry explains that he will quit social media unless a solid action against racism rises. Following with he quit all of his social media accounts.

Marcus Rashford, Antonio Rudiger, Fred, and Reese James have all suffer from racism. We did see Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton come together back in February. The clubs made a united front towards hate crime awareness (via, ESPN).

Even social media platforms like Instagram are trying to fight racism. The media giant made an announcement last month that they will update their guidelines. So as to create a safer platform free from racism. And also find accounts that spread hate and block such users.

Although various steps are being taken on a regular basis. There are people who still do not see the clear picture. It is not possible to eradicate this social issue in a fortnight, but it is a fight that needs time. Every small action against racism counts with many platforms fighting against it. Let’s hope that a safer environment for all people irrespective of their race will shine upon us soon.


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