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Manchester United missed out on Christian Pulisic says Ex scout

Christian Pulisic could have been playing for Manchester United instead of Chelsea.

Christian Pulisic is one of the emerging players in the game right now. The American International was untouchable are some of the games for Chelsea. His ability to drive at defenders can be compared to the best there are.

And Chelsea definitely has made a very worthy investment in Pulisic. But things could have different for the player. Pulisic joined Dortmund from PA Classics in 2015. And the players was impressive playing for the youth teams of Dortmund.

In 2017 he started making appearances for the first team. And it was clear by his game that he was just special. Many clubs saw potential in him and Manchester United was one of them too.

Alvial was scouting Christian Pulisic from his early days with Dortmund.
Alvial was scouting Christian Pulisic from his early days with Dortmund.

Jorge Alvial who was a scout for United says that United did not put the effort to try and sign Pulisic. Would the club had acted at that time they would probably be in a better position right now. Christian Pulisic and Jadon Sancho are players of equal caliber.

“When I first got hired one of the people that I recommended right away was Pulisic because I knew him and his background,” Alvial told the Manchester Evening News.

“I knew how well he was developing in Dortmund and he was just going to keep coming up, and become a superstar because he was doing very well.

Chelsea was smart enough to act and made a £54 m investment in Pulisic. And it has paid off as he has 10 goals and 10 assists in his first season for the club.

Alvial says that Pulisic and Alphonso Davies were his top recommendations for United

Manchester United could have had Christian Pulisic in their lineup.
Manchester United could have had Christian Pulisic in their lineup.

Alvial was the head International scout for United for 2 and a half years. At that time he was in charge of North America. But still, he went out of the way and gave Christian Pulisic’s name to United.

“So it was many times that I did recommend him, but at the same time because I was only doing North America, it wasn’t my region because he was playing in Germany. We all had a list of targets and I had him first along with Alphonso Davies.

“Highly, highly recommended for them to sign him, and I know also the German scout was very into him, he really liked him too.”It wasn’t a case of ‘look at this kid’, it was ‘sign this kid’.”When I recommend a player usually it is an example of a player that I feel has tremendous potential.

Alvial really tried to talk United to try and sign for the player. But for some reason, the club did not heed to Alvial’s advice. Maybe because they thought that the player might not play so well in the Premier League.

But considering he was already shining in the Bundesliga. United could have taken their chances with the player. And even Alphonso Davies is doing brilliantly with Bayern.

Why did not United try and make a move still remain a mystery? The club may have had their reasons, but either of them would have been great for the club.

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