Manchester United legend tells Mikel Arteta to make changes in Arsenal

Arteta has been struggling with his team’s recent performances. Arsenal has lost their hope of securing a UCL spot as well.

Mikel Arteta has been trying to work well with his squad. But Arsenal is not ‘Invincible’ as they once were. The Gunners did succumb to another loss on Saturday against Brighton. Arsenal lost the first post lockdown game against Manchester City 3-0. They did hope to keep their UCL chances alive by securing a win against Brighton. But lost the game 2-1, with late goals from Neal Maupay.

Arsenal did net an early goal from Nicholas Pepe. But they were not enough as Brighton returned two goals in the late minutes. With this Arsenal lie 10th in the PL table 11 points behind Chelsea who are 4th. Hence, Arteta will have to make a drastic change if he has to find an improvement. The Spanish will have to make some fresh signings to his squad.

Rio Ferdinand urges Arteta to rebuild Arsenal's lineup.
Rio Ferdinand urges Arteta to rebuild Arsenal’s lineup.

“There’s a massive reshuffling of the pack,”. Rio Ferdinand on BT Sport.

Former Manchester United defender and BT Sport pundit Rio Ferdinand opts the same. Ferdinand recommends the Spanish coach to secure some big signings this summer. Though Arteta was pretty happy with his squad’s performance during the friendlies. They have not been the same in the league matches.

Arteta is well aware of his squad

Arteta is struggling but is not ready to give up.
Arteta is struggling but is not ready to give up.

Mikel Arteta did have prior knowledge that handling the club will be a tough job. With most players out of form and some ready to make an exit. Arsenal is suffering pretty much so far. Arteta knows he has a job in hand and is keen on trying to find a solution. The Spaniard was hoping to fix some positions this summer. But the pandemic has hit Arsenal’s finances pretty hard.

The Gunners are having difficulties in making key signings this summer. Players like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ozil who are key to the squad are hinting on an exit. Auba has been the club top scorer since his arrival. The striker is hoping to make an exit this summer as his contract expires in 12 months. Arsenal has put Hector Bellerin up in the market as well. They are hoping to cash in their star to fund other transfers. The possibility of new faces arriving at the Emirates Stadium is uncertain.

Arteta will not give up on his squad that easily either. Though their UCL chances are out of bounds Arsenal is now carefree. Arteta can now freely experiment with his squad and find better results.

Gunners will have a tough time in the market

With some of his key player hinting an exit Arteta is looking for replacements.
With some of his key player hinting an exit Arteta is looking for replacements.

Arsenal are suffering a financially unstable period. The Gunners have lost the UCL revenue with them not playing last year either. They have also lost revenue from tickets as games are being played behind closed doors. These factors have been affecting the club pretty hard. Though the players and faculty have agreed to a wage cut. Arsenal will still find it hard to make big bids this summer.

The Gunners will need a new striker with the exit of Auba. Though they have been targeting Luka Jovic, the certainty is still unknown. They have to sign a midfielder as well. Thomas Partey was the priority, but the financial issues have silenced the Gunners. David Luis has not been able to do his job even nearly well recently. Hence Arteta needs a better option to replace his spot as well.

There are a lot of signings and offloading that Arsenal has to make. Arteta and Arsenal will have to form a strategy to secure a better season. They will have to make some quality spendings to bring some raw talent. Else the Invincibles may risk their ancestral title.

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