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Manchester United Legend slams United performance

Manchester United traveled to the south coast for their match against Brighton and Hove Albion as the huge favorites keeping in view their position and status.

Manchester United legend Garry Neville described Manchester performance against Brighton as absolute “shocker”. It’s also signed for the departure of some of the players from the dressing room.  Jose Mourinho’s side lost 1-0 to one of the newly promoted sides in the premier league. Mourinho in his post-match interview clearly criticized Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford for their performance in the match.

Brighton celebrate after scoring past David De Gea on Saturday

It seems that Mourinho has lost faith in some of the players and are on the verge of departure. Manchester United still needed 4 points to secure 2nd spot finish in the premier league behind Manchester City. Garry Neville in an interview with Sky Sports had a lot to say about the loss, “It felt to me like a final straw for some of the players”. He goes on to say “Woeful? Awful? It was a shocker from the first minute to last minute. I never thought that they’d come out in the second half and repeat the first half performance, but they did. When you can’t get your the manager has to go, or the players must go.

He’s going to make some big changes in the changing room. I’ve not got words for it. I said during commentary, any player wondering why they aren’t playing in the cup final, show them that video, that attitude was terrible, it was awful. They were absolutely terrible tonight, terrible. It’s not good enough. It’s the end of the season, but they’re wearing a Manchester United shirt and the standards have got to be higher. He’s lost faith in some of them.”

Garry Neville goes on to say that he has got no words to describe the performance of United against Brighton and Hove Albion. Mourinho is clearly not happy with the players he recalled for the match. He even showed his anger and disbelief during the post-match press conference. Brighton won the match against all the odds thanks to the headed goal by gross. Brighton also ensures their safety by crossing 40-points mark.

Not good enough,” he further added. “The players that replaced others they didn’t perform at a good level and when individuals don’t perform at a good level, then it’s difficult for the team to perform at a good level. Now you understand why some players play more than others. The attitude from the first minute and in the first half – they were stronger than us, [had] more appetite.

I didn’t succeed in persuading my players that four points to finish second is important – for me it is, but maybe not for my players. The point really meant a lot for them, so i think they got the bonus of their attitude. I wouldn’t [I’m] say disappointed, because I know them [my players]. 

Why always Lukaku, why always Lukaku, why always Lukaku, why always this and this – well you have the answer. So probably we are not as good individually as people think we are.”

Mourinho comments after the match about Manchester United performance only reinforced Neville’s comment that he lost faith in some of his team players. Mourinho has criticized his players many times. He even goes on to say his players to ‘Grow up’. Garry Neville believes that Manchester United can’t lose Jose Mourinho for sure. Manchester United can still finish on the 2nd spot with the positive result in their remaining match against West Ham and Watford.

Author’s take:

Manchester United clearly lack the tempo and the desire to win the game against the newly promoted side, Brighton. It’s a first time that  United has lost against all the 3 newly promoted team. Garry Neville comments on United performance as terrible is genuine and clear. United play terribly against Brighton and Hove Albion and player lacks the confidence and manager’s trust in them. It might be the sign for the departure of some of the players from the dressing room as well.

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