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Manchester United change lineup for Europa as some stars unavailable

Manchester United are the most favored for the Europa League. But the Red Devils risk a change in their usual lineup.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been playing with a selective lineup since the break. Who has given a good result to him as well? The one time he made a change we saw Manchester United concede a defeat to Chelsea. So fans prefer the Norwegian sticking with his usual strategy.

But for the Europa League, there will be a change in his lineup. With a long and hard season end, he is resting some of his stars. The likes of Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford are all on the list. Ole is thinking of lining his young talents for the Europa.

Bruno and Pogba are among other Ole has rested for the Europa by United
Bruno and Pogba are among other Ole has rested for the Europa.

Mason Greenwood, James Garner, and Ethan are among others who have been great lately. Hence, Ole is looking to compensate his usual stars with the youngsters. The young blood will also get a chance to prove their potential.

Greenwood has been on top form so far with 16 goals. He is a rising talent for the Red Devils. The young forward will be able to deliver for them in the game against LASK. United already has a first-leg lead of 5 goals. So it must be an easy task for them to secure the win.

Travel restrictions may cause issues for United

Lindelof is in France and could risk being in quarantine on his return.
Lindelof is in France and could risk being in quarantine on his return.

Some of United’s stars have gone on holiday with the season end. But this can be a problem with the current situation. With the pandemic on going some countries are placing travel restrictions. Hence, if the stars get restricted to their holiday destinations it’ll be a big problem for Ole.

Nemanja Matic, Victor Lindelof, and Odin Ighalo have gone abroad on holiday. The wives of Matic and Lindelof shared pictures of them spending a holiday with their family. Matic is seen sitting on a private jet with his wife. While Lindelof is at a beach with his child.

Ighalo is also seen on a yacht spending his holiday well. But the issue is if travel restrictions take place. Spain has already implement travel restrictions. Boris Johnson has also said that travelers from Spain will have to go through two-weeks of quarantine. This puts the United stars at risk of losing the remaining games.

Should there be any more of such restrictions they can end up stuck at their holiday destinations. This can be a huge hit for Ole as well. It will disrupt his lineup and can risk their Europa League title. Lindelof is spending his holiday in France, a country likely to be in the red list, as per Daily Star.

United are the most favoured Europa champs

Ole's United is the most favoured to be the Europa champs.
Ole’s United is the most favoured to be the Europa champs.

Manchester United are the favourites in winning the Europa League. Though Inter Milan and Sevilla are in to give them competition. United seem to be the club with better chance to win. They already have cleared a task with the win over LASK.

The Red Devils won 5-0 in the first leg against LASK. This makes things easier for them in the second leg. United play the game coming Thursday with a young team. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can also relax for the leg because of the 5-0 victory.

Ole Gunnar and co can easily win the title should other factors not affect them. The Red Devils have been showing some impressive performances lately. So it’s no wonder they are the most likely suitors to lift the title.

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