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Manchester United Calls Off Their Middle East Trip

manchester united vs liverpool

Manchester United have cancelled their trip due to the tensions and unrest in Middle Eastern Countries.

Manchester United have often used Nad Al Sheba sports complex for their winter training in Dubai, as the temperature is warm in that part of the country.

The Club has cancelled their trip to Qatar as there is a lot of tension in that part of the world. In the recent press conference, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer added

“We were looking at the middle east but that is definitely not going to happen”

Man Utd have travelled quite frequently to the Middle Eastern side in their recent past. They have made 3 tips solely to Qatar, under Sir Alex Ferguson and 2 trips to Dubai under David Moyes.

The Club had intended to travel to Qatar when the Premier League takes it winter break next month but with security advice, their sports complex is at too much risk. So the club decided to stay back in Europe.

United are currently looking forward to training in Europe, and they feel Spain would be the most suitable destination for the same.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Old Trafford

The Red Devil’s upcoming fixture is against Wolves in the FA Cup and then again they play against Wolves in the premier league on 1st February. They then have a 16-day break until they take a trip to Chelsea.

Ole Gunnar Soskjaer said:

“I am going to give them few days off. I dont know where they will all scatter around but (then) we will stay in Europe most likely Spain” he added.

United still got six games before winter break and they have played 18 matches in 60 days. The Red Devils need to focus on the remaining fixtures especially against the top 4, since any slip-up could result in them not being able to enter the champions league.

Manchester United have an eye on FA Cup, as they face a strong opponent on Wednesday Night.

The FA Cup 3rd round will be a tricky fixture for the Red Devils as this is their 2nd Attempt to go through. They also have an upcoming match against their oldest rivals, Liverpool.

Manchester United is lagging behind Chelsea by merely 5 points. Chelsea and Man Utd are at 4th and 5th position, respectively. Man Utd is in good form and are playing well lately!!

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