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Manchester United and Liverpool founded Super League states Laporta

The European Super League was a big controversy in the footballing world. Everyone was both stunned and agitated on the proposal of making a separate league. England featured prominently in the Super League plans.

6 out of the 12 teams were from England in the ESL. However, the backlash was so severe that clubs had no options but to withdraw from the proposal. The whole world thought it was a hysterically bad idea.

Some of the clubs even went on and apologized to the fans for their involvement in the idea in the first place. There is still some speculation going on that the clubs are linked by a contract towards the proposal.

However, it has been pretty quiet as no further news has emerged on the topic as of now. Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid are the only 3 clubs remaining that have not yet withdrawn.

Manchester United and Liverpool were to blame for Super League says Joan Laporta

Some still believe there might be some merit to Perez’s claim of a contractual tie-up with the clubs. Many English clubs were quick to play the victim card however Barcelona’s president has an entirely different say on the matter.

Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta has said that Liverpool and Manchester United were the key parties from England in the ESL Project. After a lot of pressure from UEFA, the clubs were quick to back out.

Manchester and Liverpool were the key conspirators in the Super League project, it still will be the greatest project says Joan Laporta

Joan Laporta opens up on the involvement of Liverpool and united in the ESL project

UEFA want to punish each and every club involved in the bid to end their supremacy. The apex institution wants to put forth an example as to what happens when you go behind their back. There were all sorts of threats from varying organisations which eventually lead to clubs backing off from the proposal.

Juan Laporta opened up on the situation and this was his statement as per reports from the Mirror. ” Liverpool and United were the real founders of the Super League,” he said. “UEFA threatened and was demagogic. The clubs have still not paid the compensation for leaving.

“The Super League project is alive. It will be the most attractive competition in the world, and it will be based on meritocracy and solidarity.” “Everything will be explained, because otherwise we would be accomplices. The same people always appear in the contracts”.

Barcelona themselves aren’t in the best of shapes and would like to clean up their own financial mess. The club is struggling with debt and sky-rocketing salaries from past signings. Lionel Messi is the key to any solutions possible.

Juan Laporta has clarified that he is in constant contact with Messi and that is the very first thing on Barcelona’s agenda. The club feels that they are progressing in the right direction and pretty soon a decision will be made.

Even if Barcelona believe in the Super League project they need to have a strong season to re-establish their dominance in Europe. The club need to look strong to have any sway over other concerned parties.


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