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Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour makes a decision after ESL fiasco


The football world has been in shock the past few days with many things happening altogether. Manchester City were also at the centre of all the chaos. The English club were among the 12 big clubs that were uniting to form the European Super League.

However, with widespread disapproval from many fans and football enthusiasts. Plans to create ESL, a tournament that could have usurped UEFA Champions League, were dropped. With almost all of the 12 founding clubs withdrawing from the formation of the breakaway league. Chelsea and Manchester City are among the first clubs to withdraw from the league.

But these recent changes did also make a great impact on club management. Many fans were urging the hierarchy of their clubs to take a stand. We also saw Ed Woodward resign from his post as Vice-chairman of Manchester United.

This did raise doubts about the stability of all the other breakaway clubs as well. Fans are still urging the hierarchy to give a proper explanation. Manchester City’s key decision-makers Ferran Soriano and chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak are yet to make a statement. In addition to this, there were doubts about Sheikh Mansour’s stance as well.

Manchester City withdraw from ESL

Sheikh Mansour to continue at City:

Due to ESL drama that has been going on lately. There were doubts about how Manchester City’s hierarchy may end up after all the chaos. However, according to Mike McGrath from Telegraph, Sheikh Mansour will remain at the helm of City.

The Emirati billionaire acquired Manchester City from Thai Prime Minister Thakshin Shinawatra back in 2008. Sheikh Mansour has since been helping the club grow and has backed them financially. The Emirati also owns the City Football Group. It has a number of clubs from various parts of the world under the same roof.

Sheikh Mansour however has been tipped to earn a lot from his football investments. Many football enthusiasts have been blaming his involvement for PL becoming a money-making franchise. The recent fiasco with the European Super League was also considered a money-making scheme of the owners.

However, the Manchester City owner is unlikely to step down from the helm. He has been investing in the club for over 12 years now. Hence, this small glitch will not urge the billionaire to snub away his relationship with the club.

Manchester City aim at the title:

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola not in favour of ESL
Pep Guardiola has hopes of winning the title with Manchester City. Source: Getty Images.

Manchester City are one step closer to PL glory after last night’s victory over Aston Villa. Pep Guardiola’s side were able to come from behind to seal the game with a 2-1 victory. With this City are just eight points away from retrieving the title from Liverpool.

The only club that can shatter City’s plans is Manchester United. However, Ole Gunnar’s side will have to keep winning all of their remaining fixtures. Also, City must fail to win in their upcoming games as well. But considering their current form, it may still be in City’s favour. However, a photo finish is likely to take place as PL always gets interesting in the end.

The Sky Blues may also have the opportunity to win 2 more trophies this term. With a Carabao Cup final and UEFA Champions League games in tow. Guardiola is not new to winning trebles considering his past records. However, their opponents in all the competitions are strong.

Guardiola is hoping to win some titles by the end of the term. But it will not be an easy task and City are up for the challenge. Manchester City have been a superior side throughout the campaign with very few instances where they were fumbling. It is surely a possibility for the Sky Blues to bag all three trophies.


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