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Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero to leave the club next season


Sergio Aguero is a name that is immortal in the name of Manchester City history. He is most fondly remembered for his iconic 93rd-minute goal against Queen Park Rangers.

Man City needed a goal to get three points on the final day. Only a win would have guaranteed the title. Man United had won their game away from home.

Sergio Aguero scored the winner with Martin Tyler screaming”Aguero“. After that many had expected him to leave Manchester City within a few years. The likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona were constantly linked with a move for him.

However, that did not happen, and decided to stay with Manchester City. Right now he is the top scorer in Man City’s history. The Argentinian has won 4 Premier League titles with Manchester City.

Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero to leave the club next season

Aguero set to leave Manchester City

The former Atletico Madrid striker is in the final few months of his contract with Manchester City. On Monday Pep Guardiola informed him that Man City won’t extend his contract.

This season he hasn’t been at his best for Manchester City. He has been troubled by injuries and he has only made 14 appearances for Man City.

The player himself has confirmed the news via social media as well. Manchester City seems to be in a phase of transition now. Other senior players like David Silva and Vicent Kompany had already left the club. Aguero is the latest club legend to follow the suit.

Despite his absence, Manchester City are on course to win the Premier League. They are in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Man City are in the finals of the League Cup and the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

What’s next for Man City and Aguero

What's next for Manchester City and Aguero

Though this season it has somehow worked for Man City. They have played very much without a proper No. 9 this season. However in the long term that cannot be a viable option.

They already have Jesus as a centre forward. However, the Brazilian hasn’t been consistent enough. At times he often loses his calm and commits mistakes. As things stand he is not the right player to replace Aguero at Man City.

While for the Argentinian there will be plenty of options. He is still 32 years old and he can play in a top league for at least two more years. Man City legend has been linked with a move to Barcelona as well.

Some have even suggested that Chelsea should make a move for the Man City legend. However, the best move for him would be to sign for Atletico Madrid. He knows the club very well and after Suarez, they will need a top striker.  


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