Monday, April 12, 2021

Manchester United aiming to renew contract with the French star

The forward’s tenure is supposed to come to an end the next year but there are options to extend it up till 2020.

Manchester United forward Anthony Martial will have his contract expired with the club in 2019. However, the Man United hierarchy is not wanting to set the Frenchman lose as they are aiming to hold negotiations to extend the contract till 2020. We are all aware of the recent controversy between the manager and the player. Mourinho had imposed a heavy fine on the player for having left the camp without prior permission.

He was also rested in the recent home game against Tottenham because of the shocking defeat of the team against Brighton. These are ample pieces of evidence to suggest that there are limited chances of opportunity under the manager.

Martial’s agent Philippe Lamboley had also expressed the player’s lack of interest in staying glued to the team ever since summer. Even Jose Mourinho being very much aware of the fact had absolutely no problems with that.

Seeing the ongoing tension between the player and the manager many clubs had set their eyes on this star- Tottenham, paris saint Germain, Atletico Madrid to name a few. Recently, Tottenham had enquired about Martial so as to advance talks regarding the deal. However, Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward is reluctant to let the forward go away so easily despite his sluggish performance in the field. He believes that the player’s potential is yet to be harnessed and upcoming matches will unleash the same.

Reports also reveal that he has been holding repeated talks with the young man ever since the last season and is planning to sign new long contracts with him, thereby extending his tenure at least till 2020.

Mourinho is known to have all the knowledge regarding all the negotiations being held with the French forward too. However, he seems to remain unaffected with the same.

Author’s take

It will be interesting to watch whether Martial is convinced by Woodward’s negotiations or is repelled to increase his stay because of Mourinho’s administration over Manchester United. The fans are highly hopeful of seeing the forward in the upcoming days and hence won’t want the Devils to let the player transferred to a foreign club. Time, however,owever reveal the reality soon.



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