Mallorca manager opens on clash with Messi and ‘Angry’ Messi reaction in tunnel

Real Mallorca boss gets the bad experience of Lionel Messi anger which leads them to suffer from 5-2 loss with Messi’s hattrick.

Recently, in the press conference before the post COVID match, Vicente Moreno the manager of Real Mallorca speaks about Lionel Messi in anger. However, he reveals about the incident took place in the last December’s match against Barcelona.

In the previous match, Barca grabs the win over Real Mallorca by 5-2. In which Lionel Messi scored a hat trick. Along with Messi, Suarez and Griezmann also netted one goal each.

Igniting Messi’s anger ends up with bad result

Igniting Messi's anger ends up with bad result

Moreover, Real Mallorca’s boss said that making Messi angry turns them into huge losses against Barcelona. So before the post COVID match he explained, according to his players boss was the reason for this loss. As he ignites the Messi’s bitterness.

Further, he said, Messi was angry during the break and told him that they are going to score seven goals on Real Mallorca. Also told to Suarez about scoring seven goals, Real Mallorca manager added.

Henceforth, after some time he told, they were not able to score seven goals but Messi is the greatest player. As he scored three goals out of five for Camp Nou’s side. Whereas, his anger and will power to do the particular thing for grabbing the victory proves Messi as the world-class footballer, Said Vicente Moreno.

Whereas, Messi’s anger, nature, and dedication towards achieving the triumph make him different from others. Hence, from next time I will not do this mistake again of igniting Messi’s anger, concluded by Real Mallorca manager.

Barca’s formation of the December match against Real Mallorca

Tremendously Barca had achieved a win over the Real Mallorca in the last match in December 2019. Before halting all the sports this match takes place has Barcelona netted five goals from there side.

Hence, they played with 4-4-3 formation. whereas, Messi was on right-wing, Saurez as center-forward and Griezmann at left wing. On the other hand, opponents we’re playing with the 4-4-2 formation. But it seems to be like failed in front of Messi’s play.

Post-Covid Match

Mallorca and Barcelona match post covid

However, after commencing the league’s first match of FCB is against Real Mallorca at Son Moix. Hence, Messi was in aggressive mode during the training sessions. Also, Suarez is reportedly fit as in this season, he was suffering from the injury from many days ago.

Henceforth, Real Mallorca will look to play calmly and try to get a win over Barcelona. As their manager reveals he will never try again to ignite the Messi’s anger in any match. Whereas fans will be excitedly waiting for Saturday’s night for the beginning of football after the two months of lockdown.

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