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Low investment higher winnings India’s quickest fantasy App-Fan2Play


India’s new Fantasy App comes under the limelight due to its quick feature and higher winnings at Fan2Play.

Fantasy apps regarding sports especially football and cricket had provided several facilities for the fans. These apps helped fans to plot their team because of which they accomplished the dream of managing the team on these platforms.

Winners from these fantasy apps awarded with an ample amount of money according to their league basis. As there are numerous different tournaments present in the one app. Therefore, it helps to gain money by battling with the other competitors.

In this sea of fantasy apps, there is a need for choosing the right app for getting more benefits. Recently on the doorstep of the Indian Premier League (IPL), a 2021 new fantasy app comes under the limelight i.e ‘Fan2Play.’

Fan2Play mobile app is available on the store for Android as well as the IOS system. So its quick features and its easiness attracted a couple of fans across the cricket world. It also provides various key features along with a new bidding format. Let’s have a look at it.

Introduction to Fan2Play app and how it will help to win a huge amount

Fan2Play app is user-friendly and anyone who didn’t even play fantasy games can handle the app properly. Though it is an online betting app it helps you to earn more by sitting at any corner of the globe. Also, inbuilt with extraordinary features.

This fantasy will guide you through its inbuilt blog on ‘how to play.’ By reading it you can easily understand the system of the app. Despite other games across the world, Fan2Play featured only football and cricket matches for betting.

On the home screen of the app will get the information of live matches from football and cricket. They had denoted both the games in different categories downside the title bar. The bottom of the screen will get data about our current bided matches and extra detailed information of the app. Including wallet amount displayed at the top left corner.

Low investment higher winnings India's quickest fantasy App-Fan2Play
Source: Fan2Play

Then click on the game in which you want to invest and win money. Let’s start with India vs England T20 match which is showing on the screen. Tap on the India vs England bar. Then you will face the screen with two categories i.e 1 vs 1 challenge and 11 players game.

In the 1 vs 1 challenge, you will get more number of challenges according to the amount you want to invest. Else you can create your challenge and ask others to accept your challenge. On either side, in 11 players game, it displays the live tournaments available as per the convenience of fantasy players. Hence, these different formats will help to earn more money.

Features of Fan2Play are the main reason for the attraction

1. 1 vs 1 Challenges in App

Fan2Play app’s feature of 1 vs 1 challenge denotes that you can accept the challenges made by others with a significant amount. So you need to design the team as per the challenge made by the opposite player and need to pay the amount similar to him. It helps to manage the high earnings with a low budget.

Fan2Play: 1 vs 1 Challenges in App
Overview of 1 vs 1 challenges (Source:- Fan2Play).

2. Create your challenge with a team of 2,3 or 4 players in the Fan2Play app

If you are not satisfied with the challenges made by others then you can create your challenges with your convenience of the amount. In this format their no limit of credit. Henceforth, one can form his team with 2,3, or 4 players who he thinks they will play well. After then, you can set the entry amount and create the challenge. It’s another feature that helps to pocket more amount from winnings.

Fan2Play: Create your challenge with a team of 2,3 or 4 players in the Fan2Play app
Challenge other fantasy players. (Source: Fan2Play)

3. 11 players game also available in App along with the lowest credit score

Similar to other apps Fan2Play app also had 11 players tournaments as per the comfort. In this, you can join the paid mega leagues along with one free mega tournament. Practice contest is also there for freshers who still struggling with the perfection of the game. The lowest credit score for the players will help you to have all the expensive players in your team. This type of game helps to achieve a big amount due to the presence of more number of participants.

Fan2Play: 11 players game also available in App along with the lowest credit score
11 players game. (Source : Fan2Play)

4. Instant money withdrawal process via Paytm or bank account

This feature is another example of easy access to the app. In one step you can deposit money for playing the fantasy game. Also, you can withdraw the winnings through your bank account or Paytm number. The important thing is once money deposited in the app cannot be withdrawn directly despite of winning amount.

Fan2Play: Instant money withdrawal process via Paytm or bank account
Easy withdrawal after KYC. ( Source: Fan2Play)

5. Much needed customer support with great interest

Fan2Play app customer service team is very good. They are working hard to support their customers very quickly at any of the conditions. Especially during the KYC time and withdrawn queries Fan2Play customers service team answer quickly via email or another platform.

How Fan2Play app offers you points during the match

How Fan2Play app offers you points during the match
Detailed information about the app (Source: Fan2Play).

The basic fundamental of fantasy cricket is to decide the winner based on their points. The team with higher points wins the prize based on the leagues. Let’s have a glance at the how Fan2Play app owes you points during the live match.

In cricket, due to three different formats, they had changed the points scheme for a specific one. For example, the half-century bonus is 8 points in T20 while 4 points in ODI and Test cricket. Such small changes they had did in the points as per the format.

For soccer, they designed the single type of points distribution and considered more than 20 things for awarding points. They also penalized players by keeping negative points system for a foul, yellow card, red card, etc. Henceforth, to get the proper information about the points system one needs to tap on the more option represented by three vertical dots at the bottom of the home screen of the app. Furthermore, you will get detailed information about How to play, the points system, refer and earn, etc.

Win rupees 50 along with a triple-digit bonus at the App

Fan2Play app also offers a free earning deal for the customers. First of all, they gain rupees 20 after downloading the app. Later on, they can get rupees 10 per referral up to 5 referrals i.e total rupees 50 they can earn by referring others. In the end, Fan2Play offers rupees 500 bonus on the first deposit from the customer. For example, if a customer deposits 100 rupees then his total deposit balance will become 600 rupees.

Overall, it’s a good fantasy app for fans across the globe. As it offers lots of things for the customers. Though it is football or cricket features and scheme remains the same for both. Hence, it will be good to use consistently during the live match.

Download the Fan2Play app by clicking here.


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