Saturday, May 8, 2021

Liverpool owner John Henry replies to the comments made by Carragher


After a busy few days, all the clubs involved in the European Super League were humbled after the backlash from the fans. Liverpool owner, John Henry had issued a statement of apology to the fans, but Jamie Carragher doesn’t believe he has a future with the club as the relation with the fans has been ruined.

Liverpool were one of the six Premier League clubs that had signed for the breakaway competition. Their involvement would have made them earn a huge amount of money which could help them in the current financial issue. All the involved clubs could have earned £3 billion just for accepting the invitation.

It is unknown if they have received the amount or not. But, according to Florentino Perez, none of the clubs have officially departed. And if they want to do so, they must pay the fine mentioned in the deal they had signed earlier.

The ESL chairman is still optimistic about the competition and has said that it is currently put on hold rather than saying it has been discontinued.

The 12 big clubs had agreed to this competition without any proper consultations. Because of which the pundits, football legends, and the fans opposed vigorously. None of them had anticipated such a powerful uproar because of which the League only lasted 48 hours.

The withdrawal was started by Chelsea, after which the remaining Premier League clubs followed. The latest update shows that almost every club has withdrawn. However, Barcelona and Real Madrid remain loyal to the plan and haven’t made any plan on exiting.

What Jamie Carragher said regarding John Henry:

The club owners, FSG were said to have decided in joining the ESL. Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool legend didn’t hold back either. Liverpool legend Carragher showcased his anger at the decision made by calling out Henry to quit the club. He said that the club that says they care for the fans, decided without them.

“I actually think the situation with Liverpool’s owners is that l don’t see how they can continue. They can’t just leave the club, obviously, the business is worth a lot of money. But I don’t see a future for the ownership of FSG at Liverpool on the back of this.” 

This will never be forgotten. I think the best thing for them would be to find a new buyer. I think it will be very difficult for them to have any sort of relationship with Liverpool supporters and the club going forward.” – Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports.

However, Henry underplayed the topic when he apologized in a statement via the club’s official social media platforms. In a part of his message, he mentioned his plans for the club and his future there. He said that the club has the expertise, leadership, and passion necessary to rebuild trust and help us move forward.

He added that when they signed the ownership a decade ago, they had dreamed the same things as that of the fans. In the decade, they helped the club improve a lot and reach great heights. John also addressed the recent mistake and promised to rectify it saying, “Our work isn’t done”, also contradicting Jamie’s comment.

Finally, he asked for forgiveness and took the lone responsibility for the negativity and unsettlement caused to the fans because of the decision of joining the ESL. He also exalted the power of the fans.


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