Sunday, May 16, 2021

Liverpool make a virtuous decision on the postponed Manchester fixture


The much-awaited match of the Premier League Gameweek-34 between Liverpool and Manchester United was postponed as a result of the protests carried out by the home team’s fans. Liverpool took a bold decision regarding how the fixture was to be carried forward.

This fixture was an important one for both sides. Manchester United could secure the 2nd position firmly had they won. Whereas for Liverpool, a win at Old Trafford would have given them the much-required morale boost for the remaining season.

The Red Devils are enjoying an incredible season. After having a disrupted start to their season where they lost 3 games in quick successions, it has been an incredible turnaround. Since then, they have only lost one game in the Premier League. With an extraordinary away form of 24 unbeaten matches intact, they are slowly becoming the team everyone was hoping for.

However, they faltered in the Champions League and were eventually knocked out of the competition. They were back into the Europa League. But the hunger for a trophy has made them reach the semi-finals stage so far and it finally looks like they will be breaking the semi-final curse. They defeated AS Roma 6-2 in the first leg.

Liverpool on the other hand having a season to forget. After winning every major trophy in 2 years, they will be ending this one without any. The thing much worse than that is they are even struggling for a top-4 spot in the League.

After losing their first home match in more than 2 years, they went on to lose 5 in a row, creating an unwanted record in the process. They are currently 7th and are 7 points behind 4th placed Chelsea with a game in hand.

Liverpool agrees to play on another date against Manchester United:

I hope no one has forgotten the European Super League. Because its aftermaths are going very strong. The competition which was formed by 12 of Europe’s elite or top teams was ‘temporarily halted’ as per Florentino Perez, after getting a legion of backlashes. Because of the fans’ response, the Premier League clubs started leaving slowly until all 6 of them confirmed their departure.

A letter of apology was written by the owners to the fans for getting involved in the competition. However, the apology was long overdue. The Premier League club’s fans were fed up with the owners a long time ago.

But their latest decision on joining the ESL exceeded the patience limit. Because of which the fans were not willing to accept their apology. They started protesting outside the stadiums and have demanded every owner to leave the clubs.

Continuing the protest was the United fans who are taking this as the perfect opportunity to oust the Glazers. They were protesting before every match outside Old Trafford. But on Sunday, they decided to step up and entered the stadium a few hours before the kick-off. Thousands of fans covered the pitch with flares and banners targeting the owners.

Initially, the match was delayed, but it was finally decided to postpone the fixture to another date keeping the safety of players in mind. But Liverpool had an opportunity to grab the 3 points in a more legal manner.

The rules state that the governing body can declare the fixture not be replayed at a later date, and award the three points to Liverpool if they decide it was “abandoned due to the conduct of one Club or its supporters”. However, they prefer fighting for the points and are ready to set another date favouring both sides.


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