Friday, April 23, 2021

Liverpool lose 3-1 to Real Madrid as Klopp claims referee was biased


Real Madrid took on Liverpool in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The match was played at the Santiago Bernabeu with Los Blancos winning 3-1 at home. They will now travel to Anfield with a two-goal cushion.

Vinicius Junior scored a brace and Marco Asensio added another one. The Reds responded back as Mo Salah got one away goal. It could prove to be the crucial goal if Liverpool scores twice at Anfield and Real Madrid fall blank.

However, for the time being, Real Madrid has a two-goal ahead of the game. It wasn’t a very good performance from Liverpool as well. There was very little intensity and they made defensive mistakes.

Despite the defeat, the Reds will try to pull a comeback. Jurgen Klopp will we hope that UEFA appoints a referee who is not biased. This is what the German has accused the referee of.

Refs decision costs Liverpool the game

The game was referred to by German referee Felix Brych. Jurgen Klopp has accused him of being biased towards Sadio Mane. Even after the final whistle, Klopp confronted his compatriot.

Before Real Madrid’s second goal, Sadio Mane was stopped illegally. Despite it being a clear foul, the referee decided to wave it off. As no foul was given, Los Blancos scored at the other end.

Even in the post-match press conference, it was visible that Klopp was still not over the issue. The Liverpool manager went on to urge that Brych had some personal bias towards Mane.

The former Dortmund manager even argued that even after that incident no free-kick was awarded for any foul on Sadio Mane. He said ” The situation with Sadio, I have to say, what the ref did tonight I don’t understand. For me, that was something personal because he didn’t deal with the situation from Sadio, which was a clear foul, like it was a dive or whatever, from that moment on, when Sadio went down he didn’t get anything anymore“.

Klopp accepts poor performance from his squad

Despite Klopp’s agitation, it does not change the fact that Liverpool are in a difficult situation. It is something that the Liverpool manager has also admitted in his post-match conference.

A Champions League trophy would have definitely provided some solace this season. Liverpool had a very good chance to get a good result in this game.

This is because both their first-choice centre-backs are injured. Sergio Ramos was already out of the squad. While Raphael Varane tested positive for COVID19. Even if they had scored 2 goals it would have been a big boost to them.

Perhaps the decision to not start Thiago and Firmino was a correct one. Both Jota and Keita struggled in this big game. While Thiago and Firmino have good experience of playing in such big games. It was a gamble that did not work in Liverpool’s favor.  


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