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Lively Leaders that Centralized Manchester City

The transition from noisy neighbors to a sound nest has been neat and nifty for the Citizens who have galvanized a City into diversity to counter the force of unity.

Manchester City’s rise states the changing culture of Football where instant is the new industry. One thing that still remains essential in this environment is the characters that conditioned the side into solidarity and Manchester City has been blessed by these leaders who have brought belief to the other side of the fence.

Let us look at some lively leaders that finally felicitated the frustrated fans:

Vincent Kompany

Here’s to you Vincent Kompany

City loves you more than you will know


Vincent Kompany chant

Kompany’s command is the main constituent of City’s consistency over the years. He quickly became a distinguished defender in the Premier League where foreign center-backs usually find it difficult to cope up with the fast style of play in their initial matches. Kompany organized and settled the defense with his power pressing, radiant reading and aerial ability to derive a dismissive approach at the back for City.

I can never forget the derby at Etihad in 2011-12 campaign where Kompany’s defense didn’t allow their neighbors to even hit a shot on target with the leader scoring the only goal to do a double which was a crucial result for City at that time. Kompany has always risen to the big occasion and even with so much quality around, the fans still look for his authoritative figure for assurance.

Yaya Toure

Yaya. Yaya Yaya, Yaya Yaya, Yaya Toure……

Yaya Toure chant

We use the term beasts in modern football quite frequently and loosely these days but if there was ever a player, who on his peak can pick on anyone’s bones more literally and less figuratively was Yaya Toure. He single-handedly won games for City in his prime with persistent penetration that unleashed the raw power and rendered ruthless timing.

He was another player who saved his best for the big games and by the same token was dismissive in his approach to dispatching mid and lower table sides. His presence in midfield stirred his teammates to sustain sanity in the match. City can thank the Testosterone of Toure that created Tenacity in this side.

David Silva

Ole, ole.

Ole, ole,

David Silva ole, David Siva Ole….

David Silva chant

David Silva has designed City’s attack over the years to give them direction and provide a destination to their deliberation in their conquest to achieve decoration. Silva is still going strong with his beautiful one-twos resulting in levitating link-ups with the new regime stating his surreal style.

His temperament often gets overshadowed by his skills. He was a big failure in his first season at Manchester City where he was manhandled, overpowered and bullied by opposition defenders that could be shattering for a graceful personality but the way he responded in the following season with a stern attitude and fiery display destined him and Manchester City into the path of success.

Sergio Aguero

You thought you’d won the league at

Sunderland, you’d not.

You thought you were the champions

you’re not you’re not.

Coz then up stepped the Argentine, who

Scored a goal in Fergie time.

Sergio Aguero made City Champions!

Sergio Aguero chant

The biggest irony in World Football is that Sergio Aguero who is a Manchester City player scored a goal in stoppage time listed as Fergie time to beat the rival Manchester United for the title who was then managed by Sir Alex Ferguson. I dare you to script a better scenario in sports, just for this achievement only Aguero is a legend at Manchester City.

The fact of the matter that he is the all-time leading goal scorer for Man City in all competitions make him a supreme leader. His class and charisma are unique that has transformed City into a colossal entity with Champion quality at their disposal. I was certain after watching Aguero’s debut match against Swansea that he’ll achieve the extraordinary feat at City and it was only the question of whether he can stay the course which he is still doing quite authoritatively.

Authors’ Take

The chastity of a City is complete

For they got Elite from the deplete

The mediocrity and anonymity prevalent at Maine Road

Got replaced by the electricity and enlightenment of the Eithad.

Behold these marvelous layers

That started a council full of characters.


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