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Let’s focus on those sixes that brought in the extraordinary to cricket!

In the world of cricket, the most sought out words are wickets and sixes. The focus is on the latter today. Known for its way to change the course of the match, the new generation of players are extremely skilled to turn every possible delivery ending up in the stands as a soaring trajectory.

One of the most common debates around the subject is that how are players able to hit a six? What are the skills and elements that require them to do it? If they can do it so consistently, do they know something about the game that the common eye can’t catch? To put a conclusion to these doubts, Betway has released a video with a handful of famous cricketers breaking their silence on this topic. There are a lot of valid points that have been addressed to answer the question.

Sixes? Easy peasy!

Kevin Pietersen is the man who is responsible for a lot of international matches in which England has emerged victorious. There is no better person than him to unveil the secrets behind scoring maximums. In the video, Kevin is very clear in his thoughts. Along with David Miller, he states that one of the key factors to hit a six is having the thought process of a champion.

When a player goes to the crease with a well-built and crafted piece of wood as his bat, he also influences the subconscious that the bat is his partner, facing every fast and tricky ball a bowler delivers. Kevin comes to a strong conclusion that every player who has mastered his own set of skills is good enough to score huge and keep the scoreboard ticking.

Power or Precision?

One side of the fans thinks that it’s all power that helps the ball get across the ropes. The other side takes a different position. If one takes the case of players like Pandya and Shreyas Iyer there is an uneven difference in their build unlike a lot of players from different countries. There is always the option to go ahead and hit the gym and increase power, but players often tend to stick to their original stature and body mass.

The fact goes on that these players use yet another tactic to put the ball on a trajectory and send meters out of the reach of fielders. The reason is simple – timing. In old games, only a few players have timing in their control, but now every youngster concentrates on this aspect. In combination with their own power and their understanding of the ball movement, it is easier for them to crack the whip on the ball.

Fitness and desire to entertain

Maintaining mobility and the drive to entertain a stadium filled with fans have completely changed the meaning of the modern-day era of cricketing. Fans find themselves comparing the number of sixes hit and runs scored in just a few balls to judge players.

It can’t go on without mentioning how important the skill is to gauge when to attack. Dwaine Pretorius has a major statement regarding this. He says that a good player has the skills to understand which ball must be attacked to have the best result. Unlike a tailender who tries to slog every ball for what it’s worth he says it’s important to choose. The inference used in an age-old proverb of how a good hunter does not rush, he waits for the perfect moment to attack the prey is seen here.

It seems like cricket is a sport with its potential being unlocked every day. A new record sees its birth after every match and the same record may even be broken in the same event.

Multiple leagues are present around the world and most of the players are involved in at least one or two league matches. The thrilling pace makes it fun to be a part of. Be it the frequency of sixes or fours, the electrifying atmosphere makes it a joy to be present. In the coming years and with the new players who are emerging, the action is just beginning, and the heat is only going up.

The video mentioned was discovered at Betway’s IPL blog page.


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