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Leicester player racially abused by Liverpool fans.

Another report of racial abuse has come up as the Liverpool fans chant slurs at the Leicester midfielder.

Leicester City has abode a formal accusation regarding their 22-year-old midfielder Hamza Choudhury. He was constrained to ethnic invective by a circle of Liverpool fans. Hamza Choudhury was shown a yellow card for a sliding tackle on Mohamed Salah. Due to this, the Egyptian had to be substituted to prevent permanent injury. This did not go down well with a certain number of Liverpool fans. They then went on to slander the youngster racially on several social media websites.

“Discriminatory behavior has no place in football or in society,” said a statement from Leicester City. “We will seek the strongest course of action against those responsible. We are appalled by these comments, which the club has reported to the police and to the social media platform on which they were made.” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wasn’t happy with Hamza Choudhury’s sliding tackle and insisted that the youngster should have been sent off.

“It’s just a challenge which I really don’t understand. How he can do it, because the ball is far away. The player is a full sprint to bring him down without the ball around, for me, there is only one color card. I see in your eyes that I am probably the only one who sees it like this.” said the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. He continued to say “It is dangerous as hell. I don’t want to cause the boy [Choudhury] any problems but he has to calm down. He has to calm down. This is not the first situation like this. Super player but these kinds of challenges… no.” From a football point of view, if you are quick, you need to make sure that somebody can’t do everything to bring you down. I don’t need to be a football manager to know this can cause serious injury. I only need two eyes!”

Further comments by Leicester staff.

Leicester City has asked the policemen to review after Hamza Choudhury was targeted with phyletic abuse on social media. Discriminatory comments about the midfielder were made online after Leicester City’s 2-1 defeat to Liverpool in the Premier League on Saturday. Hamza Choudhury, 22, was involved in a controversial incident late in the match as he was yellow-carded for a late tackle on Mohamed Salah.

A Leicester representative said: “We are appalled by these comments, which the club has reported to the police and to the social media platform on which they were made.” There is no place for bigotry in football. For years, we have seen lots of fans making racial comments on several players. Recently, Bernardo Silva was banned because of a racist tweet regarding his teammate, Benjamin Mendy. Even though Benjamin Mendy laughed it off, FA thought it is not acceptable and hence slapped Bernardo Silva with a hefty ban. Hamza Choudhury was substituted in place of James Maddison. When coming off the bench at Anfield before being shown a yellow card for his sliding tackle on Mo Salah. Egypt international Salah hobbled out of the game in stoppage time. Although, Hamza Choudhury’s tackle has left Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp unimpressed.

“He should know better,” Klopp told Sky Sports. “You cannot only go for the man [and receive] a yellow card.”

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