Friday, July 30, 2021

Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips fits perfectly at Liverpool

The Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips perfectly fits the ranks of Liverpool and if they have to sign him, they have to shed around £100million.

The 25-year-old had an amazing outing at the Euros and had formed a solid partnership with Declan Rice. The England international started every game for the Three Lions, but their dream run ended in the finals by Italy.

Phillips is under contract with Leeds till 2024 and has no intention of leaving his boyhood club. Perry Groves, former Arsenal legend, is all praise for Phillips and says he perfectly fits Liverpool.

Perry speaks to Talksport in which he mentioned Kalvin Phillips perfectly fits Liverpool. The energy with Liverpool play, the closing down, his athleticism, and his range. Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov wants the Red Devils to sign Leeds star after his impressive run at the Euros.

Leeds star Kalvin Phillips perfect fit for Liverpool

Is Phillips a ‘bit of waste’ under Bielsa?

BBC pundit Danny Murphy claims that Kalvin Phillips’s defensive midfield role under Marcelo Bielsa is a bit of a waste. Under Bielsa, he plays a holding role in the midfield, but he showed his class in Euros by pushing up the field.

Bielsa has also used him as a center-back more often than he has in a central midfield role. He made 17 of his 116 outings in the Leeds back-line and 11 in a non-holding midfield position.

Phillips proved his class as a box-to-box midfielder for England in the Euros. Murphy believes the Argentine coach should also do the same at Leeds in the Premier League. But then they would need someone like Declan Rice who can provide them the same protection he offered him at the Euros.

Murphy added that he has the temperament, fitness, and quality, but still Leeds plays him in a more holding position. He would like to see him play a bit further ahead with the insurance of someone behind him.

is Kalvin Phillips a bit of waste under Marcelo Bielsa

He is technically good enough to make and score goals, as he will progress in his career. It’s a bit of a waste to have him in that holding role.

The12thman opinion

Jurgen Klopp has a lot of thinking to do before the season kicks off as the departure of Gini Wijnaldum to Barcelona opened up a position in the midfield. Under Klopp, he can progress more because of how Liverpool plays and the trust shown by the manager.

He can give great company to the likes of Henderson, Thiago, and Fabinho. At Liverpool, Phillips would be able to play more freely without having to be in the holding position.

He will have the insurance that he needs at the back because all the major center-backs would be available by the season starts.


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