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Lee Sharpe explains why Manchester United is holding back Amad Diallo


Manchester United winger Aman Diallo has not yet made a breakthrough into the main squad. Diallo was able to agree on a United move last summer. And the youngster came to Old Trafford in the January transfer window.

However, Diallo has not yet made a start for the main squad of Red Devils. The £37m(after add ons) ace has made some appearances off the bench. And also has made some impressive performances for the U-23 side. But he still has to make it into the senior squad.

Amad Diallo has 1 goal from 4 off the bench appearances for Manchester United. And also has 3 goals and 3 assists from 2 U-23 appearances. Former United winger Lee Sharpe feels that it’s the right decision to not start him yet.

The Veteran explains that the 18-year-old is new to the Premier League. And the games get pretty rough on the pitch. Hence, it was right from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side to take time before starting him.

Lee Sharpe expects big from Diallo:

Diallo at Manchester United

Lee Sharpe believes that Amad Diallo will be a big part of United’s future. The Veteran understands that the youngster has immense talent and skill. However, Sharpe does not want him to rush his pace at United. But rather wants him to take it slow and rise in the ranks.

Sharpe feels that it was great from Ole to not start the player soon after his arrival. Lee finds the youngster as a small kid with a small physique, but with great talent. But PL games are mostly about overpowering the opponents physically as well. Hence, giving the young winger time to understand the league was necessary. And he appreciates Ole for providing him with enough time.

Sharpe also explains that gaining proper training is plays a major role. He explains that training exercises are similar to on-field games. And Ole has been keen to train Diallo with the senior squad. This will help the youngster understand the game and improve his playing style.

Amad Diallo has the support of Ole Gunnar and the squad. Manchester United see a rising superstar in the youngster. And hope to provide him with all the fundamentals to help him reach greatness. Amad Diallo is also likely to make his first full debut this week. As Manchester United face Granada in the Europa League quarterfinal second leg.

Manchester United are improving:

Lee Sharpe was also fast to complement United’s performance so far this season. Manchester United have been a strong side in the PL this term. And were able to prove this in their win against Tottenham during the weekend. However, Sharpe does say that United can still improve here and there.

“They’ve been fantastic in patches, when they’re on the front foot and they’re in the mood and they’re at it, they’re a really tough team to play against and they can be really impressive.” – Lee Sharpe, via MEN Sports.

We have seen United make some crazy comebacks and win some games in the last moments. United does so with a certain energy that we see only from the Red Devils. However, they do fail to keep up this energy at certain games. We also see that United need some spark to find their rhythm. Manchester United mostly start their games slow and catchup once they concede a goal. Or sometimes get the spark when a decision goes against them. And Sharpe feels that Ole will have to fix that. Waiting for something to tip them to get the upper hand is not always dependable. Hence, Sharpe is urging Ole to get his side to be on the front foot from the start itself.

Manchester United have come a long way since Ole’s arrival. The Red Devils are undoubtedly one of the most prominent sides this season. Although they are 11 points behind the table top, they can still aim high and hope for a title. Also, with young talents like Amad Diallo at their disposal. United are likely to come back stronger next term challenging for the title.


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