Lampard should give chance to Billy Gilmour in his starting XI

Chelsea has lots of young prospects but they are now bench warmers. One of them Billy Gilmour should get the chance.

Recently, Chelsea stole the two consecutive wins i.e against Aston Villa & Manchester City by 2-1 for both of them. But the interesting fact is that the 19 years young talented boy was not the part of the Lampard’s starting XI.

However, Billy Gilmour contains a lack of height. But his versatility and brilliant performance work as his own identity. Still, he is 19 years old and considers the future Chelsea star.

Moreover, Lampard didn’t give start to Billy Gilmour in the first match after COVID19 halt. As the result was good but it requires to add Billy Gilmour to brace up the midfield of Chelsea.

Two consecutive man of the matches

Bill Gilmour got 2 man of the match out of 4 he played for chelsea

The young prodigy and the Scottish player Billy Gilmour previously appeared for Chelsea in 4 games. However, it gets the two consecutive man of the match title for his first two games after the debut.

Whereas, due to his flexible & active nature made him fit in any position at midfield. Further, he is seen as the best asset of Chelsea who will lead them to Champions League season by his extraordinary study.

Additionally, he is not part of the regular starters of Chelsea. Lampard is in the dilemma of slotting Billy Gilmour in the midfield. Therefore, he may play at any position of the midfielder.

Future best duo of Chelsea at it’s mid’s

Bill Gilmour to be best for Chelsea at midfielder wih Kante

Consequently, Chelsea has good strength at there own midfield. As the addition of Billy Gilmour can brace up Chelsea’s midfield. Probably, he can adjust at any place at midfield and naturally plays at central mid position.

Probably, Billy Gilmour plays at any position of midfielder. Mostly he plays as a central midfielder. Whereas, N Golo Kante is the holding defensive midfielder. Hence both of them at central midfield can found deadly combinations between them. While they might become the best duo of Chelsea or premier league in the future.

Henceforth, Billy Gilmour should not be kept at the bench as he had the great potential to change the game. However, he might not able to play the remaining all the premier league matches for the Chelsea side. But Lampard should reconsider him and start the game plans according to it. Overall it will depend on Chelsea’s decision-making capacity.

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