La Liga club Presidents is ready to welcome Man United player

Alexis Sanchez has been away on loan at Inter Milan from United. The star has an uncertain future but there is a newfound interest from Real Valladolid.

Alexis Sanchez is once again a regular in the transfer talks. The Chilean international came to United in 2018. The winger was thought to become one of the greatest at Old Trafford. His reputation in his earlier years did give the Chilean a hearty welcome to United. But was not able to shine as the expectations on him. Soon the winger was sent on a loan spell to Inter Milan.

The left-winger is once again making headlines due to a comment from Ronaldo. No, it’s not CR7, but the Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazario. He is the club owner of Real Valladolid now. And has shown his interest in bringing the winger to LaLiga. With the Chilean’s loan spell nearing an end, we may see him return to LaLiga after a long period.

Alexis Sanchez has an uncertain future ahead of him.
Alexis Sanchez has an uncertain future ahead of him.

Manchester United too will be willing to offload the star who is an overpriced burden to them. But there are hints that Inter may give the loanee one more year to prove himself. If United can find a proper deal they will surely sign him off. With young stars on their target list, United will be more than happy to cash him. So that they can find for their dream signings.

Ronaldo thinks high of the Sanchez

The Brazilian legend has high admiration for Alexis Sanchez.
The Brazilian legend has high admiration for Alexis Sanchez.

Though Sanchez has not been able to make a mark in recent times. Ronaldo thinks that he is still a player of great value. Sanchez was an integral part of both Arsenal and Barcelona. But since his arrival at United, he has not been the same. The situation is pretty much the same at Inter Milan as well. With just 1 goal and 2 assist in the league games.

“Alexis Sánchez has always done well everywhere. If he can’t do it at Inter, Valladolid open the doors to welcome him,”

Ronaldo to En Cancha.

In a recent interview, Ronaldo did express his view on the player. The Brazilian says that Valladolid will welcome the forward if he wishes to join. Though there are no bids made if Sanchez seeks redemption and Ronaldo is his angel. Then we may see the Chilean make a move to LaLiga once again. The last time he was in Spain, he was a key player. So let’s hope a return can save the diminishing career of the winger.

Inter Milan may give him another chance

Sanchez may get to redeem himself with Milan extending his contract.
Sanchez may get to redeem himself with Milan extending his contract.

Despite the reports of a return to Old Trafford. The Chilean may get an extension to stay in Milan. The Italians are willing to give him another chance as per Sky Sports. Though he did join early this season. Sanchez was out most of the games with an injury. So Inter is hoping to see a better form from the star next season. United will be happy to let the player stay away from Old Trafford as well.

But Inter will have to take a greater share of the £400,000-per-week salary. United are currently paying a major part of the salary. Hence, if Milan looks for an additional season of his services. Then they will have to bear a greater share. The Chilean has become more of a financial burden for Manchester United. Let’s hope the winger can settle in a proper way before bis footballing years end.

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