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Kroenke selling Arsenal? Let’s have a look at the truth behind the rumors


Stan Kroenke is a professional businessman who is the owner of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. Arsenal also fall under the ownership of KSE. The company has invested in various sports all over America and it is more of business activity for them now.

Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, Denver Nuggets of the NBA, Colorado Avalanche of the NHL are some big names that come under their management. It would be fair to say KSE is involved in a lot of big competitions.

They tried to be involved in a “Super” competition but things didn’t quite work out. Within 72 hours of its announcement, the European Super League has officially fallen. English clubs lead the way as all six of them withdrew their name from the competition.

A big victory for football lovers all over the globe. But fans are furious with the club’s management and are demanding a resignation from the owners of the clubs involved. Stan Kroenke’s name too came up as Gunner’s fans are piling up their frustrations.

Arsenal is more like a business stream for Stan Kroenke

Arsenal fans were already very critical of their owner. Fans are of the opinion that the owner does not think enough about Arsenal’s development. Stan Kroenke hasn’t really attended much of Arsenal’s games over the years which kind of shows how little he cares about the club.

The fans are outright demanding for the owner to resign. There is a similar case at United where everyone is demanding Glazer’s resignation. There were rumors that Stan might resign but there isn’t much truth to them.

Kroenke has no intentions of giving up Arsenal’s ownership:

Arsenal fans demanding Stan Kroenke to give up ownership of Arsenal

Despite fans protesting it seems like there will be no change in Arsenal’s management. The club did issue an apology to the fans but no one came out and the public admittedly their mistake. There was no name attached which many Arsenal fans felt was a shameless act.

However, Arsenal’s owner doesn’t care two bits about what fans might say or think of him. Initially, his backstory included a love for sports but now it is all about money for the American business tycoon.

Some rich people collect cars; Kroenke collects sports teams,’ wrote The Ringer website. ‘He’s the rare sports owner with low approval ratings on multiple continents.’The New York Times has described him as ‘Silent Stanley’.

He seems to have next to no emotional commitment to Arsenal, a club he rarely visits. Until recently, he charged them a £3 million annual consultancy fee. The news of him leaving was of some excitement to the fans but that feeling was short-lived.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, Kroenke has no intentions of leaving and fans are furious with the situation. Manchester United fans broke into the stadium to show their anger for the Glazers.

You could expect something similar from Arsenal’s fans. For way too long they favorite club has been treated poorly. However, it will take more than few fans protesting to drive someone of Kroenke’s influence out.


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