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Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access

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PUBG Mobile, the game on everyone’s mind in India right now. It was first released on 23rd March 2017 and brought about an unexpected revolution. It was the dawn of mobile gaming for the world.

Instantly, PUBG was downloaded and played by hundreds of millions of people in the world. It was unique in its own right. It functioned smoothly on compatible devices and didn’t ask a lot for a lot of requirements. As a result, medium-range phones too could be used to play it effectively.

And just like that, it became the number one mobile game in little to no time. It was insane how fast the player base grew. Adults, teens, and just about anyone with a good enough smartphone was playing PUBG. Even people who had never gamed before were on their phones for a troubling amount of time. In fact, people were playing PUBG so hard, the makers of the game had to find ways to restrict the playtime on their own game because it was affecting their reputation.

So, what was PUBG all about? Simple, it’s a Battle Royal genre game. A hundred players land on the map and scurry about picking weapons to kill each other. The last one standing wins. It could be played solo, duo, as well as in a squad of 4 members.

It really brought many people together in the online world. PUBG’s name was soaring high ever since it was launched. People paid for its Royal Pass and played for entire nights.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access
Early Access Announced

The Ban

But this high soaring game suddenly hit a roadblock. Because of political tensions between India and China, the Indian government went on to ban several apps with a Chinese background. The Chinese company behind PUBG was Tencent, and because of their involvement with the game, it was ultimately banned on 2nd September 2020.

The gaming world went into a shock for a while. Everyone was talking about how PUBG was banned from one of its biggest marketplaces. It got even worse when it was banned by several other Asian countries including China, Nepal, Pakistan and Jordan. Fans either tried to keep playing with VPN or turn to alternatives. However, after more than a year of the ban, fans of PUBG in India can finally rejoice.

Ambitious Comeback

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new version of PUBG was announced recently. This time, the game will not be supported by Tencent and so, the security concern will be avoided with ease. The game has already been put up for early registration on Google Playstore.

It was speculated that it will go live on the 18th of June and will be made available for downloading then. Various organizations have already started preparing for the arrival of the game with tournaments on various levels. As of right now the game has been made available for millions with Early Access and is free to download.

So, charge your phone to 100% because your favorite game is making a comeback.

Is your squad ready for a battle to the end? Let us know in the comments.


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