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Klopp figured out Tuchel perfectly, Haaland on the radar for Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel came in to replace Frank Lampard almost 2 months ago. Since coming on Tuchel has brought a lot of changes for Chelsea. For the team lineup to the formation and even the personnel everything has changed in a very small period.

Tuchel has a different approach to the game maybe a more pragmatic one. He gives more consideration to the work rate and the efforts put in by players rather than their potential of their reputation. A lot of new players have become a part of the core of the club.

Since becoming the manager of Chelsea, Tuchel has really provided a direction to the club. They do not concede goals easily, to begin with, and then start to build pressure on the opposite end. Although the club has to work on their attack as they are getting a little too many stalemates for their liking.

Since joining on Tuchel has taken Chelsea from 9th to 5th closing in on the top four spots. Although it doesn’t come as a surprise to many, Jurgen Klopp already knew that Tuchel would bring good things for Chelsea.

Jurgen Klopp believes Thomas Tuchel is a great manager.
Jurgen Klopp believes Thomas Tuchel is a great manager.

“A fantastic, fantastic manager. You can see really his influence, it has changed a lot their style of play, how they play, different formations and stuff like that,”. This was Klopp’s statement for Tuchel in 2019 as per reports from football london.

Tuchel has done something similar for Chelsea. Since his arrival, the club has not lost a single game and they conceded only 2. While for the offensive end Chelsea might have something else in their mind.

Dortmund star Erling Haaland on the Blues’s radar:

Erling Haaland Thomas Tuchel's next target for Chelsea ?
Erling Haaland Thomas Tuchel’s next target for Chelsea ?

Erling Haaland has been one of the sensations of the season. The youngster has been in sensational form for Dortmund this season. It like he’ll just find a way to score goals. At the age of 20, the sky is the limit for Haaland.

Haaland is on a tremendous scoring streak for Dortmund. In his last 27 appearances for the club, he has 27 goals and 8 assists. He has certainly emerged as one of the most talented youngsters of the younger generation.

A lot of European clubs are very impressed by his performances and are continuously keeping tabs on him. A big problem here for Dortmund are their inability to retain top talent over the years. Dortmund has become the hub for aspiring young players but then big clubs often swoop in for their most prized players.

Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United are all interested in the prospect of signing Haaland. However, Chelsea will have a different problem than the rest of these clubs.

He [Haaland] will be looking at the way Chelsea play, and that they’ve only scored eight goals in seven games,” “You can only score goals if there’s chances and Chelsea haven’t made a lorry load of chances.

“Chelsea need to be showing more than what they’re showing at the moment.” This was Paul Merson’s statement as per reports from Sky Sports. Paul Merson might be right about Chelsea because at the moment they are struggling to create many chances and they aren’t converting the good ones.


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