WATCH: Jonny Bairstrow suffers a painful blow on the balls minutes after saving himself from getting hit on the face

jhonny bairstrow saving himself from getting hit on the face

Did you notice? A beamer and broken box for Jonny Bairstow on IPL debut against Kolkata Knight Riders

Jonny Bairstow, despite that image of a rough and tough player, wouldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams what was in store for him as the first ball of his IPL career. Prasidh Krishna started off the proceedings for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and showed good pace first up against Warner who managed to score only 5 runs despite Krishna offering generous freebies in the first four balls. But the moment of the over, however, came on the fifth ball of the same over as Bairstow geared up to face his maiden delivery in IPL.

Krishna tried to intimidate the Englishman with his pace but the execution of that extra effort went awry as the ball slipped through his hands and rocketed head high and straight towards the fifth stump-line outside Bairstow’s off-stump. Bairstow did well to get down on his knees and left the ball alone to sail towards the keeper. Umpire was clearly not impressed and Bairstow got a free-hit opportunity to open his account in IPL.

However, Krishna was quick to rectify his folly on the free-hit delivery. He gave no room whatsoever as Bairstow’s wild swing missed the line of the ball completely to allow the white cherry to give him some serious pain between his thighs. The result was a broken abdominal guard which had to be replaced immediately. In the end, only a leg-bye could come out of such an intriguing drama. Krishna conceded one more run of the last ball of the over to cap-off an eventful 9-ball first over which entertained all and sundry with some intriguing drama on the Eden pitch.

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