Monday, April 19, 2021

Jesse Lingard reveals frustration of Wolves star in the five-goal thriller

Manchester United loanee Jesse Lingard has been sensational in West Ham United in a short span of time. The Monday fixture of Hammers against Wolves was another showdown from the England international.

Hammers won the game on Monday on a dramatic scoreline of 3-2 with all three goals including the contribution of Lingard. But, the end of ninety added some other spark on the field. Wolves star Pedro Neto had a bust-up with Lingard in the final moments of the game.

After conceding three goals in the first half, the Wolves strike back with two goals. The final minutes were thrilling on the field as the home team roamed around the West Ham box in search of a draw.

It is common that the leading team keeps some pressure with the ball in the corner in the final minutes. That’s mere game management for the result. On Monday, Hammers did the same because of the valuable three points.

But, Wolves star Pedro Neto was desperate on the act and shouted at Lingard. The situation later explained by Lingard with doubt on the response of Neto. Talking to Sky Sports, Lingard said, Sky Sports after the game, “He (Neto) said, “why do I play like that?”, but I don’t know what he meant by that.

“Of course we won the game, I think he meant when we kept it in the corner, but it’s game management. There are things like that we have to learn and keep picking up one,” he continued. (Daily mail)

Lingard-the new hero for Hammers

Jesse Lingard reveals frustration of Wolves star in the five-goal thriller

The lack of playing minutes in Old Trafford took Jesse Lingard to West Ham on the winter transfer window. But both parties are benefitting from the deal. David Moyes is happy with the performance of Lingard in West Ham.

Meanwhile, he is supposed to return to Old Trafford this summer. He got one more year in his Manchester United contract. The 28-year-old is not sure about his future in Old Trafford as the attacking department of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got more options now.

Anyway, the West Ham chapter is sweeter for Lingard as he became the key figure in the impressive season run of the team. After the win against Wolves, Hammers leapfrogged Chelsea, Tottenham, and Champions Liverpool to get into the top four.

David Moyes’ squad is placed fourth on the table with 52 points from 30 games. Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea is the contender for West ham for the European berth. The season is a surprise package for West Ham.

If they can advance in the upcoming games and managed to get into the Champions League stage, Lingard can win an extension in his West Ham life. Also, the current form can create a certain impression for the player in Old Trafford.

Lingard was called for national duty last week for the European qualifiers because of his performance in West Ham. He scored 5 goals from 7 matches and assisted for 3 this season. The summer transfer window would be crucial for the player and the West Ham stage is a bargaining chip for him.


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