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Game recognizes Game, Grealish full of praise for Arsenal player Bukayo Saka

Arsenal playmaker and young sensation receive a 3-words complement from his England teammate Jack Grealish. Saka played brilliantly in a 4-0 win over Sparta Prague in Europa League.


Arsenal journey in the Europa League continues as they beat Sparta Prague 4-0.

It was a good overall performance from Arsenal in the Europa League. The club went on to beat Salvia Prague 4-0 to secure their place in the next round. It was a very important result for them as they desperately needed some momentum heading into the semi-final.

Arsenal’s attack finding its form can be a very good sign for Mikel Arteta. There are no hopes left in the league which now is an added bonus for him. He can give more chances to young players in the Premier League while preserving his star players for the bigger stage.

Young Bukayo Saka now is also counted among Arsenal’s emerging stars. His journey with Arsenal’s first team has been quite sensational. If you look back in the recent past Marcus Rashford had a similar season for Manchester United and we can all see him flying now.

Arsenal will have similar hopes in terms of Saka’s development. Saka just like Rashford has received an England call-up at the age of just 19. The youngster might get his first World Cup appearance in 2022. England’s camp was a very unique experience for someone of Saka’s age.

Arsenal's Bukayo Saka admits he was flattered watching Jack grealish play

According to the Birmingham Mail, Ian Wright asked Saka who caught his eye the most in England’s camp. Saka said, ‘I was almost goggle-eyed looking at Jack Grealish.’ Grealish certainly is one to catch the eye but it looks like the admiration is mutual among the players.

Bukayo Saka scored a very good goal in Arsenal’s 4-0 victory over Salvia Prague. His goal was the one to put the game to bed. Jack Grealish was full of appreciation for his young teammate and went on to congratulate him on Instagram.

Jack Grealish’s 3 word reaction on Bukayo Saka goal for Arsenal

jack Grealish was full of praise for Arsenal's Bukayo Saka

This was not the first time Jack Grealish has went on to praise Saka. The last time this happened there was a big fuss about Grealish hinting towards a move to Arsenal. However that is not the case, rather you might consider it as a start of a good friendship.

Saka receives a lot of praise from his fellow England players. Jack Grealish went on to post an Instagram story for the young winger after the Gunner’s 4-0 victory over Sparta Prague. “Your [sic] moving crazy” was his post and he also tagged the Arsenal winger while adding the handshake emoji.

Game recognizes Game, Grealish full of praise for Arsenal player Bukayo Saka

Saka himself is a big fan of how Grealish plays. “When I came here for my first camp he was the player that impressed me most,” he said. “It’s going to be good to play with him and not against him!” This was a part of his statement for Grealish.

Grealish and Villa have done decently well for themselves. The team completed the double over Arsenal this season in the Premier League. Before Grealish’s injury, he was in contention for the Player of the year award. Some of the top clubs in the land are keeping an eye on his development.

But Villa quite predictably has put a £100m price tag on their star man. Although someone like Jack Grealish would be exactly what this Arsenal team needs, the price tag alone will be enough to rule out any chance of an approach being made by the Gunners.

However, Villa are at the 11th position in the league table. Chances of European qualification are close to none for the English outfit. The duration of Grealish’s stay at Villa may turn to be short-lived especially without the lure of European football.


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