“I’ve let the team down!” Chelsea superstar opens up on team’s poor form this year

Chelsea have seen some underwhelming performances from their key players this year and this star admits his poor show

Chelsea has had a disappointing Premier League campaign this year. Though they are still in contention for the FA cup where they have to battle with Manchester United in the final, they are currently sitting on the 5th spot in the Premier League with very slim chances of finishing in the top 4. Moreover, they’ve had to deal with a lot of criticism on their approach and tactics this year.

There have been disappointing performances from their key players such as Alvaro Morata and Eden Hazard who’ve been out of form for a major part and this has hurt the team badly. In an honest interview before Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final clash with Southampton at ­Wembley, their star Eden Hazard confessed that his form for the Blues has not been good enough.

Hazard said: “It’s not been so good, no. I was injured at the start of the season and it was not easy to come back after that.I then played the first two months of the season really well, but when the team needed me in the game against Barca in the Champions League I didn’t ­perform well.”

“I don’t think I have played well for the last two months. Yes, I have scored some goals – that’s why I am on the pitch – but the thing I want most is for my team to win.When we are not winning, I cannot be happy. We are fifth in the Premier League and we are out of the Champions League. We didn’t win the League Cup. So it is a bad season.”

Hazard has been linked with a move to Real Madrid as well. But lack of performances has put him on hold in their list of players to go for. Therefore, it’d interesting to see is future in the blues lineup.

Author’s Take :

Hazard hasn’t been consistent with his form and has looked a little tentative on the field. He has missed on a lot of scoring opportunities, something similar to Karim Benzema. This is why Chelsea haven’t been able to score in pressure situations, something they did exceptionally well in the previous season. They have a lifeline in the form of FA Cup to qualify for the Champions League and they’d want to put up a good performance and finish the season on a high note.

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