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Monday, October 18, 2021

IPL 2021: Watch Rohit Sharma hilariously tries to prank his wife Ritika

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IPL 2021: The IPL season is getting intensified more and more with the upcoming matches. The top four race is getting intensified and even the top two race could get more interesting.

However, this season’s IPL has been like that since the beginning. More controversies, more ups, and downs have taken place since the first phase in India. Even brighter teams are not performing this season.

Such has been the case with Mumbai Indians. The Paltan came into this season after winning back-to-back IPL titles. They were everything that a certain team wanted to be.

Rohit Sharma has been monumental in the success of Mumbai Indians. Moreover, even experts and fans made the prediction that Mumbai will win the IPL even in the current edition.

IPL 2021: Watch Rohit Sharma hilariously tries to prank his wife Ritika
IPL 2021: Watch Rohit Sharma hilariously tries to prank his wife Ritika

However, this edition has been not that good for the five-time champions. None of the players have performed well for the paltan. Literally, every player is not in fine form for Mumbai Indians.

Moreover, it looks like the Rohit Sharma led team will not be able to make it to the playoffs. KKR and RR look like they are going to compete for the last position left in the playoffs.

However, Mumbai will have to win all their remaining matches and depend on other teams fall. Rohit Sharma in a recent loss said, “We are preparing very well. We are just not able to execute in the middle, a little disappointing. We just look to play the game we are known to; something’s missing in our game.”

He further added that “We are not playing to the potential that we are known for. That is something that is missing in the UAE leg. Hopefully, in the next two games, we can come out and play the way we are known for.”

IPL 2021: Rohit Sharma pranks his wife Ritika

Rohit Sharma is a very silent character on the field and in the dressing room. Players close to him have said that he does not talk much and lives in his whole. Moreover, he is not a man of many words.

But Sharmaji was seen pulling a prank on his wife Ritika Sajdeh. He brought something in his hand and waved that thing towards Ritika’s face. Ritika was seen terrified by guessing the creature in the hands of Rohit Sharma.

However, Rohit Sharma will be looking to try his best in the upcoming matches. There are only a hand full of games left in this edition’s IPL. And the Mumbai Indians captain will expect a fight from his teammates.

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But even if Mumbai Indians do not qualify for the playoffs they will always have the time to look back and retrospect. Even the mega auction is not very far away. They can make massive changes if they want to.


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