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IPL 2021: Adam Zampa opens up the reason behind leaving the tournament


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the mental aspect of the cricketers. Cricket is a game which is physically hard and challenging at the same time.

On the contrary, many miss out on one important thing which is the mental health aspect. Due to the coronavirus surge in India, a number of cricketers bid adieu to the competition.

Overseas stars cited bio-bubble fatigue as the main reason behind opting out of the league. The ongoing second wave of the deadly outbreak forced some players to pull out of the competition.

The second wave has proved to be dangerous than the first wave because of the total number of cases registered in India. The country witnessed 17.6 million COVID-19 positive cases. On the other hand, the death toll has increased at a peak figure of 198 thousand.

IPL 2021: Adam Zampa opens up the reason behind leaving the tournament

Several overseas cricketers who took part in the IPL expressed their concerns about the ongoing situation. Last week, 3 players from Australia and 1 player from England opted out of the tournament due to personal reasons.

England’s Liam Livingstone (RR) and Australia’s Andrew Tye (RR) departed early and reached their country without any issue. Recently, Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson from RCB decided to pull out of the competition.

Adam Zampa reveals why he decided to quit the league

While other players found their return process smooth and safe, it was not the case with Kane Richardson and Adam Zampa. It seems that there are some complexities with Australia’s policy of accepting direct travellers from India. This complication further delayed their homecoming plans. As of now, the Australians are set to fly back home in the coming Tuesday with a stop-over flight at Doha.

In a recent chat with Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), Zampa opened up that he quit the tournament midway through this season as he felt vulnerable in the Indian bio-bubble system. He also felt that the league would have been much extremely safe if played in the United Arab Emirates just like last year.

Adam Zampa to SRH- UAE was safer; IPL 2021 should’ve been held there. We’ve been in a few (bubbles) now, and I feel like this is probably the most vulnerable. I just feel like because it’s India, there’s a lot of focus on hygiene and being extra careful. I just felt like it was the most vulnerable. The IPL in Dubai six months ago didn’t feel that way at all. I felt like that was extremely safe. Personally, I feel like that would have been a better option originally for this IPL too. But obviously, there’s a lot of political stuff that goes into it.”

“Obviously the COVID situation over here is pretty dire. I just felt, rocking up to training and stuff, obviously, I wasn’t playing in the team as well, I was going to training and I wasn’t finding the motivation.There were a few other things like bubble fatigue and the chance to get home, once all the news broke about the flights and everything. I thought this was the best time to make the call.”

“Everyone has got different takes; people with medical emergencies won’t care about cricket” Zampa on whether the IPL should continue Zampa, unlike Andrew Tye, declined against directly commenting on whether or not the ongoing IPL season should continue.

“There’s a lot of people coming out and supporting the IPL. They say cricket could be a reprieve for some people. But that’s also going to be a personal answer. Someone who has a family member on their death bed probably doesn’t care about the cricket.” Zampa also shared his thoughts on the financial impacts his decision could have on his life.

“I feel like for leaving anyone leaving halfway through a tournament, it’s definitely a financial sacrifice. But from my point of view, I wanted to put my mental health first.”

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