IPL 2020 Schedule Faces Strong Opposition From The PCB

The Pakistan Cricket Board stands against the IPL and will not support the idea of postponing the Asia Cup 2020 to accommodate the IPL 2020.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on sporting actions all over the world. It also put a halt to all the cricketing tournaments all over the world. The cricketers have no work to do and have been away from the game for months. The fans have also suffered as they can not watch the game that they love and enjoy. However, there was some good news recently when the BCCI announced some probable dates for the IPL 2020.

But these dates crashed with dates of the Asia Cup 2020. BCCI announced that they can host the IPL between 26th September to 8th November. However, the PCB strongly opposes this idea. The Asia Cup dates were announced well in advance. So, the PCB strongly opposes this idea to postpone the Asia Cup and organise the IPL during that time.

PCB opposes the IPL schedule

PCB opposes the IPL schedule

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief executive Wasim Khan earlier said that they are absolutely clear at their stance. They will accept the idea to postpone the Asia Cup based on health concerns. But they won’t support the idea to postpone the Asia Cup to accommodate the IPL.

“Our stance is absolutely clear; the Asia Cup is set for September and the only reason it should not take place is continued health safety issues. We will not accept that the Asia Cup is moved to accommodate the IPL,” Khan told on GTV News Channel.

The reason why PCB does not want the Indian Premier League to happen in place of the Asia Cup:

Wasim Khan and the PCB opposes the schedule of the IPL 2020

As per the PCB, the Asia Cup will financially help the Pakistan board as well as the as other members of the ACC (Asian Cricket Council). However, if it is moved back just to accommodate the IPL, then it will favour only India. The PCB does not support this idea.

“I have heard that there is talk to move the Asia Cup to November-December but for us, that is not possible. If you move the Asia Cup you are making way for one member nation and that is not right and it will not have our support,” he added.

Khan even said that during the meeting with ICC, the BCCI did not raise the topic of the IPL. The coronavirus pandemic has also put doubts over the ICC World T20 in Australia, later this year. On this matter, Khan said that the ICC has informed the other boards about keeping their options open for the time being.

“The T20 World Cup might be played behind closed doors because if we don’t play T20 World Cup each board potentially stands to lose between 15 and 20 million dollars,” he added.

The 13th edition of the IPL was set to kickstart on March 29. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the BCCI to postpone the IPL indefinitely. With the situation in India gradually worsening, it is highly unclear whether BCCI can host the IPL in this year or not.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka cricket board is pondering on the idea of hosting the Asia Cup 2020. According to sources, they are having some sort of conversation with local government authorities over hosting the event.

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