Inter’s CEO reveals Lautaro Martinez says on Barcelona move

Inter Milan trying to apply tactics to distract the player from the transfer market rumors.

Recently, Barcelona shocked by the news from Inter Milan’s CEO. However, he claims that Lautaro Martinez doesn’t want to move to Barcelona in the summer transfer window.

Whereas, from the starting of the season transfer rumors of Lautaro Martinez are taking place. After the words spoken by the Inter Milan CEO, it seems like all the rumors come to an end.

Besides the Barcelona other clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid also interested to sign him. But most of the reports claim that Barcelona fails to complete the deal in the last season. So they might complete their last season deal in this season for Martinez.

On the other hand, at that time Barcelona brings Atletico Madrid’s starlet Antoine Griezmann. After that in this season, Inter Milan demanded £111m for completing the deal of Lautaro Martinez.

Moreover, Barcelona is in search of an alternative for Luis Suarez. Saurez is expected to live the Barcelona in this summer transfer window for satisfactory fees. Or else he will move out from Barcelona for free transfer if they didn’t renew his contract.

Inter Milan’s CEO used tactical move

Source: Getty Images.

Previously, many reports claim that Barcelona had agreed on all the personal demands of Inter Milan’s ace. But the words from Inter Milan CEO had increased the confusion between the fans.

On the contrary, it might also be the tactical step took by Inter Milan. Whereas, Inter was demanding £111m. But recently the player had finished the release clause, so he is available for only £90m.

As a result, 90 million euros is an affordable price for any club. However, Inter Milan didn’t want to leave the player at a very low price. So to distract the player from the transfer market rumors Inter Milan CEO played a tactical move.

Reports from Eldes Marque discloses that Inter Milan CEO said, “Lautaro Martinez is one of us, he never showed interest to move at Barca.” Furthermore, he added that Lautaro is like a very understanding and serious player.

Henceforth, he will not change his mind by the transfer rumors, Inter Milan CEO concluded. So it looks like a tactical move of Inter Milan to keep the player at Serie A side for this season.

Overall, we will come to know about Lautaro Martinez’s move at the end of the season. Whereas, La Liga had remained with almost one matchday for this season. Therefore, all will depend on the management team’s decision after the season end.

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