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Insider info on Man City agreeing to join the European Super League

Premier League top six clubs including Manchester City have decided to join European Super League. The league is initially joined by 12 clubs.


Manchester City are among the 12 clubs that have agreed to join the European Super League.

The news about the creation of a European Super League has created instant panic in the footballing world. Clubs, fans, players, and managers alike have openly shown their disagreement with the grand plan. It seems like this was not a sudden move. Things like this have been in discussion for quite some time now.

Apparently, Arsene Wenger guessed it way back then. The manager said that revenues coming out of the Champions League wouldn’t be enough at a point in time for clubs. They could go on to create their own European league.

Jurgen Klopp too gave his opinion on the topic in 2019 which means the idea was already floating around in 2019. However, this proposition completely ignores what the players and fans might have to go through. This seems like a power play to possibly end the monopoly of UEFA.

The financial benefits for the joint clubs would be quite higher than the current structure in the UEFA Champions League. This could be a very big reason why clubs agreed to join the controversial league. But apparently, money is not everyone’s major interest.

Juventus's chairman had a big role in convincing Manchester City to join the European Super League

Manchester City’s leadership wasn’t quite convinced but the chairman for Juventus Andrea Agnelli played a big role in convincing them to be Premier League champions. They share an opinion that this move will in some way protect the elite clubs.

Andrea Agnelli was formerly the head of the European Club Association, basically the person looking out for the best interests of clubs. According to Manchester Evening News, this played a big role in convincing the likes of Manchester City as it doesn’t really feel like a betrayal when the head of the ECA is on your side.

A power play to unfold between UEFA and the ESL personnel

The top 6 in the Premier League have agreed to join the European Super League.

If you look at the very basic idea clubs want to replace the UEFA Champions League with the European Super League. There is no intention of stop playing in domestic leagues or stopping national representation at all. It is rather the UEFA that is threatening this.

However, this will lead to huge revenue losses to both parties and would be a mutually destructive decision. What we can see right now is power politics going on. All federations have given a list of decisive actions they can take against the clubs and players involved.

But the problem here is a majority of the managers and their players didn’t really have a say in this decision. It is the top management that has the final say in such matters. It’s impossible for United fans to believe that Ole Gunner Solskjaer would agree to something Sir Alex himself is criticizing.

Right now UEFA is trying to show a powerful display of authority which is the right course of action. The clubs need to realize that they’re not bigger than the game. Clubs like Manchester United literally came from nothing if you look at the history, why take that chance away from someone else.

Perez has given a rather extensive statement. They have plans of allowing 5 teams to join in every year based on their performances. They are portraying this as creating a new structure with a new regulatory functioning. There were even claims that they are trying to save football.

The clubs who are in agreement will certainly benefit from joining. However, the problem is that they will have to face a lot of backlash in the initial stages if the proposition comes through. Football fans have cleared their stance as they stand united against the proposition.


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