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‘I’m not dead!’ Indian Bowler who was hit in the head by a ball traveling at 120mph releases video


An Indian bowler was rumored to be dead in a local club match after he took a 120mph ball at his head. Social media went buzzing about this incident which became viral overnight. The match took place in Raj Nagar Extension, in Ghaziabad, in India’s Uttar Pradesh region, on April 8.

This tragic incident took place in Uttar Pradesh when the fast bowler was hit at his head at an unimaginable speed. The batsmen decided to play a straight drive of the pacer’s delivery, which struck the bowler’s head at some pace. The bowler became unconscious and fell to the ground.

Fellow teammates and batsmen rushed to the bowler to see if he was alright. But, the player lost his consciousness and was down. This major incident took place on April 3rd. The player was rushed to a nearby hospital from VVIP Cricket Academy in Ghaziabad.

Luckily the player got consciousness on the way to the hospital under the observation of a doctor. However, rumors did spread so fast that the Indian pacer was dead already on the field. This is not the first time a player becomes unconscious on the field after being hit by a ball on the head.

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Philip Hughes of Australia suffered a similar situation at the field facing Sean Abbott’s pacy delivery. The 25-year-old Australian batsmen suffered a concussion and were dead after the ball struck Hughes’ head just behind the ear. The batsmen failed to regain consciousness even after undergoing surgery.

The entire cricketing world mourned for the loss of Philip Hughes, who lost his life on the field. However, a similar incident didn’t happen in Uttar Pradesh, India. The bowler thankfully got back his consciousness on the way to the hospital. Although, social platforms continue to spread rumors about this incident.

Watch the viral incident here:

This particular video became viral after a spectator managed to capture this incident. However, the bowler is now perfectly alright as per his recent video of him mentioning that he’s recovering well.

The bowler mentions in that video that, he’s still having head ache and dizziness due to the straight drive.

As per the video released by DailyMail, the unnamed bowler said, “I am not dead, I am alive. Rumors were doing rounds that I died on the spot which is untrue, however, I was unconscious for the time being.

And, I am feeling alright except for a bit of dizziness and headache. I am a cricketer and I am hopeful that it will go away soon. I am set to undergo a CT scan. Rest, all is fine.”

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