Saturday, May 8, 2021

ICC hands 8-year ban to Streak for violating Anti-Corruption Code


Former Zimbabwe’s finest all-rounder Heath Streak has been banned for 8 years from all cricket-related activities for violating the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Anti-Corruption Code.

The former Zimbabwe all-rounder reportedly confessed to 5 charges of violating the same. He was charged as a participant under the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Code due to him being a Zimbabwe coach in the past and also other domestic teams.

The ICC initiated a probe three years ago. Meanwhile, the investigation of the charges is still going on for some time. During the investigation, it was conceded that in several games in 2017 and 2018, he did something against the norms.

Heath Streak was engaged in corruption by “opening the door for approaches by corruptors”. He would allegedly be engaged in assisting the corruptors to contact his team’s staff and players.

ICC hands 8-year ban to Streak for violating Anti-Corruption Code

These things happened not only in international cricket but also in T20 leagues including the Indian Premier League. Meanwhile, the general manager of ICC’s Integrity Unit, Alex Marshall also released a statement about the ban.

Alex Marshall further added that Heath Streak is an “experienced former international cricketer”. The general manager of ICC’s Integrity Unit further added: “Streak participated in numerous anti-corruption education sessions. He was fully aware of his responsibilities under the Code.”

Heath Streak breached the Code on several occasions: Alex Marshall

“As a former captain and coach, he held a position of trust and owed a duty to uphold the integrity of the game. He breached the Code on several occasions, including facilitating the approach of four other players. At times, he also sought to obstruct and delay our investigation,” he added in a statement.

“The offences did not affect the outcomes of any relevant matches and Mr Streak has agreed to assist the ICC anti-corruption education programme for which we are grateful.

He has also expressed his remorse and contrition and entered this agreed sanction decision to avoid the need for a full disciplinary process. The sanction reflects this cooperation,” he signed off.

One of the successful all-rounders for Zimbabwe

Heath Streak was one of the important pillars of Zimbabwe during his playing days. He was a great bowler who single-handedly carried the bowling unit more often than not.

Streak is the finest pacer Zimbabwe ever produced. His overall tally of 216 wickets in 65 Tests serves as a testament to the fact. The 47-year-old has bagged 7 five-wicket hauls in the longest format.

As far as ODI format is concerned, he played 189 games wherein he took 239 wickets including 1 five wicket-haul. The former all-rounder scored 11 fifties, 1 century in Tests. He also smashed 13 fifties in ODIs.


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