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How Thomas Partey’s agent response will affect Arsenal chances?

The Ghanaian was believed to be linked with Arsenal lately. Partey’s representatives claim that there has been no such approach.

Arsenal has been on the hunt to strengthen their midfield in this transfer window. Thomas Partey was one of the top contenders on the Gunners’ list.

The Gunners supporters were fuelled up after the Ghanaians father, Jacob Partey, claimed that he spoke to his son and confirmed that Arsenal was showing interest in signing him.

Partey's representatives claim there's been no negotiations from North London.
Partey’s representatives claim there’s been no negotiations from North London.

Partey’s father told Tru FM: “I called my son after hearing rumors, and he told me that the rumors are true”

“He told me they are holding talks between himself and Arsenal. It all depends on the offer Atlético are demanding. If he goes to Arsenal fine, they have a lot of supporters in Ghana.”

“I will be happy if he decides to move to Arsenal. What they are discussing now is how Atlético will release him.”

However, soon after the news was out, the Atletico Madrid stars representatives struck out those claims, making it clear that no talks have taken place.

Partey’s representatives, said: “It’s totally untrue.” to JJSports.

Is Athletico Madrid fine with this deal?

Diego Simeone won't be happy to let go of Partey
Diego Simeone won’t be happy to let go of Partey

Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid side managed to tear through the Reds in the Champions League. The Ghanaian displayed an impressive role in the triumph over the 2019 titleholders. Partey has made a total of 21 appearances and scored twice in the LaLiga season.

Thomas Partey has been in good form recently and also been doing a good job for the Spanish club. It doesn’t seem like Simeon will let go of one of his main men without a backup or finding a massive deal. Athletico doesn’t seem to have to sell the Ghanaian as of now, and with Saul rumored to depart soon, it seems unlikely. To lose two key players from the squad isn’t something to be done without giving some thought about it.

The 26-year-old has a contract which includes a £43.5million release clause, which the North London club are happy to pay. The Atlético Madrid midfielder has not entered transfer negotiations with Arsenal as yet.

Therefore, the move does seem highly unlikely, but it’s a football market and anything is sure to happen.

Will the Ghanaian fit well in Arsenal?

Arteta is keen on strengthening his midfield.
Arteta is keen on strengthening his midfield.

Mikel Arteta took the reins of Arsenal only in December, and he sure wants to write his name gloriously into Gunners’ history. Arteta has had few issues with his midfield and it sure seems like he’s desperate on fixing it. Partey may sync well with the Spaniard and his way of approach and as a result, Arteta will try to lure the Athletico Star into his squad.

Partey is a hard worker and does a good job of holding the midfield intact. The Ghanaian smoothens out the attacks of his squad and in addition making obstacles for the opponents. Above all the midfield enforcer keeps pressing the opponents and wins the ball back for his squad. He is a team player and can make his squad fight to the ninetieth minute.

The Gunners are keen on strengthening their midfield in this transfer window and have started to put in some efforts. Partey was at the top of Arsenal’s radar who they find are capable of patching up their midfield.

In conclusion, the addition of the Ghanaian midfielder can be a reinforcement to the North London club.


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