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How an authority thriving Pep Guardiola broke the bond for his midfielder.

Manchester City boss is said to be the no-nonsense manager in the world. He has a strict policy which he would apply to all his players, no matter how big or small they are.

Pep Guardiola took over Manchester City in 2016. Since then he has won two Premier League titles, two EFL Cups, one F.A Cup, and two Community Shields. Without a doubt, he has been a sterling manager for the Cityzens. Being a tactical genius, Guardiola also ensures that his players are well disciplined, both on and off the pitch. It is also true that Pep thrives on authority and could take serious measures to send out a message to his squad.

Yaya Toure and his agent Dimitry Seluk.

Yaya Toure and his agent Dimitry Seluk had relished an excellent relationship. They even acknowledged each other as family. A young Yaya Toure was about to transfer from Beveren to Metalurh Donetsk. Seluk made life-developing opportunities to Monaco, Barcelona and Manchester City. Their relationship was so good that Yaya Toure even named his first son after the agent. There were individuals masquerading as agents but in precision were just freeloaders, hangers, and gold-diggers. They were looking to gather what they had not disseminated. However, Seluk was not like other freeloaders in Europe, he was sincere.

Yaya Toure’s building status as one of the needed-after yet provocative football agents implied he did not bother about the minute signing on fees. However, these only came the small clubs. His purpose was to have his name connected with the prominent clubs and the consequential transfers. His friendly association with then Barcelona director Joan Laporta meant he was able to contract talented footballers to the club. Examples of his dependability was that when Guardiola took over at Barcelona and desired to transform the midfielder to a defender, Seluk fluttered him on for the most prominent reward cheque of his career with Manchester City.

The story of Pep Guardiola and Dimitry Seluk.

Yaya’s suspension from the Champions League squad did not come as an astonishment to his Manchester City teammates. Seluk did not take this resting down. He went for Guardiola in the most outrageous way which prognosticated doom for the Catalan manager. Guardiola reacted by scratching out the player from his team completely. Yaya held numerous assemblages trying to prove Seluk to look beyond the feud and apologize. Yaya decided to talk to the manager himself and apologized. That brought him back to the team and Guardiola offered the Ivorian a year addition. Yaya got his contract but the silver string had snapped between him and Seluk.

Life after Manchester City for Yaya and Dimitry.

After a year, Yaya’s time was completely and positively finished at the Etihad. Seluk still had good connections in Greece. He submitted an attractive motion from Olympiakos where Yaya would be a superior figure. Furthermore, he would gain close to what he had at City. Also, he would proceed to participate in a team that would be stimulating for titles. His three-month sojourn in Greece would come to a conclusion. This happened because of another conflict with his agent. At this point, Seluk felt he had considered Yaya’s stance on Pep and assumed his sense to stand now.

Seluk went out of his way to announce that Yaya had retired. This was solely based on the fact that the European market had terminated and there were no particular proposals across. Sources close to Seluk say he has not pardoned Guardiola for asking an excuse from him. He still claims him accountable for his performance in how his contact with Yaya has gone up the flames.

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