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Harsha Bhogle reacts as cricketer receives Petrol as Man of the match

Cricket has become more and more competitive these days. Be it any team, breaking into the straight XI is not an easy task. Talking about Indian cricket, even the talented players are warming the bench. It takes quite an effort to make a first impression.

After that, the cricketer gets more opportunities to showcase or express himself on the field. If he makes his presence count on the pitch, he is certain to cement his spot in the cricket team. However, cricket is a team game and apart from individual performances, overall balance matters a lot.

But the best cricketers bag awards for their on-field performances after the match. Be it a batsman or a bowler, the one that gives absolutely everything on the field deserves a man of the match. This has been a tradition which is being followed since the inception of the sport.

If a batsman or a bowler or an all-rounder perform well, they deserve a big round of applause. After that, the deserving players would definitely earn an award considering if they pull off a masterclass on the field.

Weird man of the match award

Harsha Bhogle reacts as cricketer receives Petrol as Man of the match

Basically, cricketers do require motivation and momentum to perform well in the game. Likewise, cricketers do require awards so that they can gain or build confidence as the game progress.

The Cricket fraternity has witnessed players getting different types of man-of-the-match awards. As the year’s progress, the awards keep changing. However, this time around, a cricketer received a weird man of the match award. Guess what? He was rewarded with petrol. Yes, it’s true. No kidding!

In what was totally out of the box, a cricketer received 5 litres of petrol for his performance at a cricket tournament in Bhopal. In a bid to award the cricketer for his performance, the officials decided to do pull off a unique stunt, which became the talking point on the internet.

The cricketer by the name of Salauddin Abbasi gleefully accepted the bottle of 5-liter petrol with a big smile on his face. Fans, commentators came up with different opinions about this weird man of the match award.

Salauddin Abbasi happily posed for pictures while receiving the award. It is a well-known fact that petrol prices rose at an exponential rate across the nation. The fuel prices hiked to a record Rs 91.17 per litre in the national capital on February 27.

Shockingly, this is the 16th time the fuel prices hiked to a massive extent last month. Amid the continuous increase in petrol prices across India, a cricket tournament in Bhopal awarded their Player of the Match with “Petrol”.

Harsha Bhogle Reaction

Popular cricket commentator and analyst Harsha Bhogle was astonished after coming across this news on the internet. Harsha took to his official Twitter handle and came up with a special opinion about it. He termed it as a “useful prize!”.

“Been reading about a tournament in Bhopal where the player of the match got 5 litres of petrol. Now here’s a useful prize!” Harsha tweeted. His tweet went viral on Twitter as it received more than 7.4k likes and 650+ retweets.


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