Friday, July 30, 2021

Hamilton Vs Verstappen: British GP controversial crash

Lewis Hamilton wins at Silverstone amid the drama following a massive crash with WDC Rival Max Verstappen.

2021 British Grand Prix has stirred the pot in this already thrilling Formula 1 season. Mixed opinions sparked out of fans as Championship contenders Hamilton and Verstappen collided at Copse corner at Silverstone this Sunday.

The high-speed contact in Lap 1 left Max Verstappen drifting off into the barriers as he retired out of the race. The 32 point gap between the two drivers narrowed down to a 7 point lead against Hamilton.

This weekend certainly was one of the most critical races of the season and it did not disappoint. With pit stop errors all over the grid, the race was a thriller right up to the last lap. A brilliant drive from Lewis Hamilton to conquer the 10-second penalty was not one to be missed.

“If you no longer go for the gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver”. This statement from legendary driver Ayrton Senna came to life this Sunday in the first lap. We saw a newfound aggressive Hamilton for the first time in many years who was not letting the gaps go.

Max Verstappen Car Crash

Crash and Penalty Drama

The million-dollar damage to Verstappen’s car played no part in the decision-making as previously informed by the stewards. “The penalty decisions are taken on the incident itself and not on the aftermath” explained by the race directors previously. As a result, Hamilton ended up taking a 10-second penalty which he carried out during a pitstop.

With celebrations ensuing a home victory for the Hamilton, aggravated RedBull made their voices heard during the interviews. Redbull’s Christian Horner and Jonathan Wheatley believe that the 10 second time penalty Hamilton received was not justified.

Numerous Drivers on and off the grid have hailed the collision as a racing incident. RedBull believed otherwise and was not happy with the stewards. RedBull’s Sergio Perez also failed to consolidate the Constructor’s Championship lead as a result of his team’s pit strategy.

Race Results

Lewis Hamilton conquered the 10-second penalty and won the race. Valtteri Bottas was in incredible form throughout the weekend and finished on the podium. McLaren clearing up the mid-table competition with a 4th and 5th finish from Lando and Ricciardo respectively.

Fernando Alonso drove a brilliant race finishing 7th after a phenomenal performance in sprint qualifying. Sebastian Vettel had to retire from the race as his teammate Stroll came home with 4 points.

Charles Leclerc led the race up to the second last lap with a brilliant drive. Charles finished second for his first 2021 podium. Ferrari teammate Sainz has also found pace ending the race at sixth. Gasly had a disappointing race finishing just outside the points.

The race did not go well for Redbull as they failed to score any points this weekend. Sergio Perez finished 16th and ended up steaming the fastest lap point from Hamilton due to a late tyre change. Redbull star Max Verstappen is now out of the hospital with no significant injuries.


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