Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hakim Ziyech back in Tuchel’s plans as Chelsea aim to fire on all fronts


Another big result for Thomas Tuchel as Chelsea secure their fourth consecutive FA Cup Final spot. It was an intense battle with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City but the West London club clung on to a 1-0 victory. Within a short span, Thomas Tuchel has shown great character for the club.

Since arriving the German’s way has been quite different. After his arrival players that were once rumored to leave were given a chance in the team. Even in yesterday’s game, you could see Kepa and Emerson featuring for the first team.

That is what the manager’s ideology is if you play well enough you get your chance. The most important thing is that if you are on the pitch you must really deserve it and then give your 100%. Hakim Ziyech was one of the players who wasn’t finding much game time with the Blues.

Thomas Tuchel finally gave him a start after some good performances off the bench and it paid dividends for him. The manager explained that it’s never personal while selecting the team. Sometimes you need fast players to counter while Ziyech excels at passing and dribbling.

Thomas Tuchel hails Ziyech's game winner for Chelsea

But that is to be taken as a challenge by players. To feature constantly in this Chelsea squad you need to show the manager that you fit in any formation or any tactic he has built for the squad. However, this will take time and effort.

The job’s not done yet. Chelsea have a lot to fight for and it is games like this where heroes can emerge from within the team. It will be a really important stretch for Chelsea as they hope to compete for both Domestic and European glory.

“Let’s take it step by step”, says Chelsea manager:

Chelsea need to take things step by step

Sometimes when clubs are involved in a lot of competitions it becomes difficult to retain your focus. In situations like this, it becomes very important to take things one by one. Manchester City could be an example of that because it wasn’t the best City team lining up against Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel believes it is necessary to keep moving towards your set objectives. This was a part of the manager’s statement according to the Daily Mail. ‘If you want to reach objectives, if you want to climb a mountain, you better start going because just thinking about the top does not get you there.

You need to walk. ‘Every journey starts with the first step. Don’t get confused by thinking too much, take it step by step. ‘The target was to get close to Manchester City for 90 minutes and we focused on it and delivered very well. Now we go on to the next one.’

It is gonna be tiring for the players as games are going to pile up in a short span. But Chelsea have an advantage here in terms of how deep their squad is. There are a lot of good players available for the German manager.

How this helps is that he has the privilege to shuffle his lineup according to the importance of the game. This will be a boost for Chelsea in all ways. All of the players get to have some game time which should help build their confidence.

So when the time comes to maybe sell a few players you get a better value for them in the market because they have played well for your team and the acquiring team will be more assured that the player can play a similar role in their squad.


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