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Glazers asking prize to sell Man United to Saudi Arabia’s Prince

Manchester United’s owners, the Glazers had them up for sale. They were to be sold for an amount between £4b to £5b.

The Glazers have long been under criticism from the Manchester United supporters. The Red Devils believe the American’s have always put profits before football. This has led to issues between the fans and the club owners.

Among such mishaps came the news that the Glazer’s would have sold the club. Reports say that the Americans were happy for a £4b to £5b deal. But things did not work out. And Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is ready to secure a deal with Newcastle.

Manchester United Executive Vice Chairman and Director Edward Woodward with Manchester United Executive Co-Chairman and Director Avram Glazer. Source: Getty

But as per the news from Old Trafford. The American family is in it for the long run. Even though there was interest from Saudis for the £5b deal, as per the Evening Standard. It now seems like it was all just speculations.

Ed Woodward believes that Glazers are looking for a more long term future with the club. Woodward also adds that there has not been any discussion about pricing for the Old Trafford club.

The news of the Saudis interest did bring some flare. But it now seems like the Arabs will be moving for Newcastle. This will make them one of the most wealthy clubs in the world. United will be under the Americans for a longer period of time.

The Glazers have leveraged the debt at times.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman showed interest in United.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman showed interest in United. Source: Getty Images.

The Glazers took over the United back in 2005. This moves out in debt of £540m for the club for their finances. The Americans did not push it too far though. They did agree for certain adjustments at times.

Even though the supporters have issues with the financiers, Woodward thinks they are also looking into the club’s prosperity. They may be rare visitors to Old Trafford. But executive co-chairman Joel is an active member in the day-to-day running of the club. He is in constant touch with Ed Woodward through video calls to make decisions for the club. There wouldn’t be such active participation if they don’t care for the club.

The Americans have made some record signings for the club. David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho were high-end signings. They also signed in some top players to the club as well. But the likes of Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria, and Paul Pogba could not make major changes.

Saudi prince is now trying to buy Newcastle. He seems to find issues from PL.

The Prince is now on talks with Newcastle. But there is a lot of issues that arose due to the deal. There has also been a situation where Premier League authorities were found to be told to ban the activities of the Prince. Well as for United they are still under the American’s hands.

Solskjaer has got support to look for star players this summer. The United boss is keen on strengthening the squad. And the Norwegian has got the green signal to make the necessary actions.

Jadon Sancho is the star man Ole is keen on signing to his squad. But the Borussia superstar will cost an excess of £100m. United also face competition from different clubs. But a crucial signing only needs an undeniable deal. And Ole has the opportunity to spend enough this summer.

Moreover, it’s all up to the Norwegian now, he can either make a single top transfer deal. Or else he could play it clever fixing the issues with his midfield. Either way, United are pretty sure to make some headlines in the transfer window.

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