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Four ‘internship destinations’ for Chelsea teenager Billy Gilmour

Winning a Chelsea shirt was a dream for 19-year-old Scottish midfielder Billy Gilmour. He made it happen with the senior side in 2020 and had some good display in Stamford Bridge. The impressive performance in the youth system takes him to the first team of the Blues.

He got some guest appearances under Frank Lampard and widely used as the FA Cup option in the midfield. But, the arrival of German boss Thomas Tuchel sidelined the player by depending on the senior players in the midfield.

There were rumors regarding the possible exits from Chelsea camp this summer. Billy Gilmour is one of the players who look for more playing time through a transfer. A loan deal is a possibility as the player holds a contract till 2023 in West London.

Chelsea won’t sell the player in a full contract. The youngster needs more learning experience to decorate the first team of Chelsea as he can surely dominate the central midfield of Chelsea once the seniors retire from the camp.

Here are the four possible destinations for Billy Gilmour for next season:

1. The second interest from Hammers for Billy Gilmour

Four 'internship destinations' for Chelsea teenager Billy Gilmour

West Ham United is challenging hard for the top four finish in League table. They are placed fourth with one point difference with Chelsea. The midfielder Declan Rice is the hot pick from the team for the summer transfer window.

West Ham was interested in Billy Gilmour in the January transfer window but couldn’t make it happen. This is the second attempt from David Moyes. Hammers already got Jesse Lingard from Old Trafford on a loan. The verdict on the Declan Rice transfer will decide the vacancy in the midfield and the fate of Gilmour next season.

Newcastle United promise

The Magpies are combating the relegation threats in Premier League. Gilmour got a decent profile at the age of 19 to claim a premium transfer deal. Playing in Newcastle would ensure playing time for the midfielder and that is all he wants from an outing. St. James’ Park is crying for a potential option in the midfield to upgrade their status and Gilmour seems to be the correct option for them.

‘Homecalling’ offer for Billy Gilmour

Returning to Scotland would be a moment of happiness for Billy Gilmour. According to Express, his former club Rangers F.C is interested in the player after witnessing his growth in London. Gilmour switched his play from Rangers to Chelsea in 2017 and he would enjoy a return spell back in Rangers under the Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

Project ‘Return’ for Norwich City

Daniel Farke’s Norwich City is fighting hard in the Championship to get a ticket to Premier League. They relegated to the second division and the 2020/21 season seems to be their route to get back into the top-level competition of England. They are leading the Championship table and expecting a top finish which will take them back to Premier League action. Hence, they need more weapons to fight the top teams next season.

Signing Billy Gilmour in the summer transfer window will be a correct interception from the scouts of Norwich. Also, Norwich can offer to start eleven spots to the midfielder. Staying within the competition will help Gilmour to unleash his potential in full stretch.

The summer transfer window would decide the future plans for Billy Gilmour. Chelsea’s midfield is open for the player when he completes his ‘internship’ period. Getting more playing time is the right option for the player to secure his spot in the Blues.


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